Monday Morning QB/Rain Man: Jets Win 3 Straight, Gore Passes Sanders, SF & NE Win


EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Once you are in the Monday morning slot and it is football season, you are now, unavoidably, a Monday Morning QB. Sure, Ben Whitney and Angry Ward get to watch more games and highlights than me but they have their set days, so I am your signal caller today and the plays are: Jets Win 3 Straight, Gore Passes Sanders, SF & NE Win.

Jets Win 3 Straight: The J-E-T-S are shaping up to be one of those teams that acts in the contrary. Have hope for a good season? They dash it early on. Decide to write them off for the season? Now they find some form. I am still not a fan of head coach Adam Raus, I mean Gase. However, it appears the public votes of confidence by quarterback Sam Darnold and Owner Christopher Johnson have to been key quiet the press and fans like me that want him gone. The win over Oakland yesterday was a dominant performance on both sides of the ball. The key players on offense stepped led by QB Darnold and his 3 touchdown passes, while Safety Jamal Adams continues to show that he is the heart and soul of the defense. There is no chance of playoffs but this 3-game win streak hasn’t happened in a while and means with 5 games left, the Jets maybe able to got a near .500 season, which will be a miracle.

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Gore Passes Sanders: On Sunday, Frank Gore passed Barry Sanders for the 3rd highest rushing yards in a career. Gore is currently with the Buffalo Bills, the fourth team of his career. As a Barry Sanders, fan I can’t believe Gore surpassed the Detroit demi-god. Gore has this tortoise and the hare mentally and it has helped last a 14-year career over 4 teams. He is far from flashy but he is a very effective runner, between the tackles and through great maintenance and care of his body. Congrats to a solid but not spectacular guy. But as a Barry Sanders fan, I find it bittersweet as Sanders could and should have finished number 1.

SF & NE Win: The San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots continue to stay on top of the their conferences with impressive performances against solid opponents. Dallas, who are up and down, fought well but like the Cowboys have become, they choked and couldn’t score when they needed to… The 49ers on the other hand, had a dominate performance against a very good Green Bay Packers side to make it clear they are a cut above the rest of the teams in the NFC.

Share your thoughts and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney, who had the funniest column in years last week.

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