Steve Mills is out as the New York Knicks Trade Deadline Looms


SPANISH HARLEM – On Tuesday Steve Mills was fired as President of the New York Knicks. Though it was surprising to some that it came so close to the trade deadline, I find myself not surprised at anything done by James Dolan. It was rumored that Mills and Scott Perry would be out at the end the season but Perry will become acting/intern President, along with his duties as General Manager (for now). It seems that Dolan didn’t trust Mills to make an impact trade with the deadline approaching and I couldn’t agree more. History tells us that Steve Mills is not good at his job so why give him the opportunity to have any say in the future of this franchise.

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I have read some articles that stated that Mills and Perry weren’t eye to eye on some of the moves that Mills was working on. The hesitation of trading Marcus Morris is one that comes up a lot, with Mills leaning on keeping Morris and resigning him at the end of the season. I like Marcus Morris; he has been a great player for the Knicks this season and there is no denying that. He is the type of player you want to see on this team. He works hard, plays defense and has shot the 3 ball about as good as any one in the league but he is on a one-year deal and the Knicks are thinking about the future. Morris himself has stated he wants to remain a Knick and I can appreciate that but his value is at an all time high and there are teams with championship aspirations that would love to add a player like him. That’s why you trade him now, you get something for him and if he really wants to play with New York again, he will have that opportunity in the off-season when he becomes a free agent.

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Another rumor that has been circulating is a trade for D’Angelo Russell, which I find strange because the Knicks had the cap money to sign him last off-season but decided to go the direction they did. This trade would bother me a ton because why trade assets now for a player you could have got for money. I like Russell and I would not have been mad If they signed him in the off-season but I don’t want to see any young players or draft picks leaving just to add him. Kevin Knox’s name has been floated as part of the package and that’s something I’m not willing to do. The whole point of rebuilding is to get younger and I still believe that Knox has the potential to be a really good player in this league. Some may not agree with me because he has not shown much this season but that has a lot to do with the team signing so many veteran forwards which has taken playing time away. Knox will be a very good player in the league with the potential to be a great player and I would hate to see him go anywhere.

One thing is for sure, by the end of the day we will know what trades were made. I hope that every player on the Knicks with a one-year deal gets traded because I don’t see any of them being here long term, unless you believe that Morris will resign with the Knicks again. Get as many assets, draft picks or young players you can get. Move on, give the young players more time on the court and let them develop. Change is coming and it starts now.

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