Virus Slows Us, Doesn’t Close Us. In The Meantime, Time for Some Sports News

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*NOTE: Different Matt’s column is up and can be found by CLICKING THIS.

NEW YORK, NY – Good morning. Here’s hoping your morning sniffles are from Uncle Spring’s early pollen party. We’re open for biz today, and essential worker Different Matt is penning his piece for you at this typing. We are slowed, not closed, by this frogging bunk tile of a virus. And there’s more good news, other than Michael Conforto having extra time to heal, it that some different medical teams ranging from Israel (Dean Kremer) to Canada (Ferguson Jenkins) to San Diego (Ted Williams) may have a vaccine. How quickly that gets delivered is the trick. Will it be delivered home as slow as a Steve Trachsel delivery with runners in scoring position? Let’s hope not.

But as we wait for the joyful coming of our savior, Different Matt, let’s consider the following blessing:

Yankee fans won’t have to watch Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton get hurt in 40 degree weather. They can watch them get hurt when it’s warmer out. Boy, it sure seems like Giancarlo Stanton gets hurt a heckuva lot more than Mike Stanton did. [Insert head scratch]. Could it be that Mike couldn’t afford “the science?”

-That Cleveland vs Minnesota game won’t have the snowballs being thrown confuse the batters.

-The newest Mets rookie Manager will remain undefeated… at least until that first game.

-There’s time enough to get MLB players’ baseball card photos sorted properly, so we won’t have the look of surprise Biff Benedict Pocoroba had in his.

-You’re more inclined to tolerate tardy sports pundits while you’re in Sports Hell. Plan on us taking full advantage of your current station in life.

So comment below and keep pressing that refresh button in anticipation of Different Matt telling you about the NHL’s melting ice. #IceMeltedHoofHearted

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