Angry Ward

Angry Ward: What the Fack, Yankees?


BRONX, NY – The Bronx is yearning… for some halfway decent baseball. I’ve decided to give up my anger strike for a week and vent a little bit about New York’s other baseball team, the Yankees. Slow starts are nothing new for the Bronx Bombers, especially in recent years, but this 2016 squad seems a […]

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Amish Ward Wednesday: Day Baseball, Naismith Basketball and Simpler Sports


BRONX, NY – All of New York City’s public schools, including my daughter’s, are on Spring Break this week. This means that I am taking the week off, except for today, to play activities director for her second grade version of howling at the moon. Monday was spent kicking around the neighborhood, hitting the playground, shooting […]

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Agitated Ward Wednesday: Rex Ryan, Trump, Manziel, Mets and Rangers


BRONX, NY – For those of you who have been giving me all kinds of crap for my warmer, fuzzier approach of late, you’ll be happy to hear that forces are at work to bring me back to the dark side. I won’t get in to specifics, but I’m a tad ticked right now. The […]

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Appreciative Ward Wednesday: The Mets, The Matts, Opening Day & Friendship


BRONX, NY – Those of you who know me, or have bothered to read my weekly Wednesday rants over the years, know that I give an awful lot of crap to our fearless leader, Short Matt. To be honest, a lot of it is warranted. I mean I have been at this for years and need someone […]

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Available Ward Tuesday: Special Lunchtime Edition!


New York, NY – Now that Eb’s hot takes have had around 36 hours to sink in, I thought I’d take my lunch hour to throw something–anything–up here. Let’s get to it before I’m found out. Warriors and 73. Nothing jinxes a team more than everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, saying that they are definitely going […]

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Alliterative Ward Wednesday: Harvey, Hoagies, Heartburn, and Hernandez


BOOGIEDOWN BRONX– I’d like to start by wishing woebegone, wistful,  and wingnut MTMers a wildly wonderful Wednesday. Welcome, wackadoo weirdos! And with that, I will curtail the alliterative portion of this intro before I go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Here are several scintillating storylines (sorry) that caught my eye this week. Harvey Hears a P. Now […]

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Always Ward Wednesday: Anger is Out! Starting Over with Harvey, RG3, Trump, Mets


BRONX, NY – Hey, how you do like my new byline this week? I mean, I am kinda ALWAYS here on Wednesday. It’s been my midweek digital gulag for like six years now. Anyway,  I am not saying I am going to stick with this, but I do plan on trying other things out. Like maybe […]

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Czar Trump: What If Donald Trump Ruled Sports?


NEW YORK, NY – The lines between suspended reality and reality have not just blurred, they’ve vanished. The Donald Trump has vanquished such lines, as he farts, belches, swears, spits and flips the bird on his way to The White House… um, er… The Trump House. But hold on… what if John & Mary Q. […]

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Angry Ward Wednesday: The Greatest Generation… for Sports


Bronx, NY – As a Generation-Xer I’ve sometimes lamented my lot in life. I was born too late to experience the free love and awesome music of the 1960s, I was simply too young to cash in on the drug and disco debauchery of the 1970s, and, unfortunately, I came of age during the buzzkill […]

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Angry Ward Wednesday: Telling the Truth About March Madness, Manziel, the Warriors and other Stuff


BRONX, NY – My esteemed colleague, Fake Sandy Alderson/Big Al Sternberg, was right: Mid-week is a crap time for sports stories. But sometimes you can take some of the same old garbage and recycle it into something beautiful, like an old Houston Astros jersey, Gay Pride flag, a toilet paper neck brace for Short Matt or a […]

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