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NEW YORK, NY – The arrests, nowadays, just aren’t like the NFL arrests of season’s past. Current arrests are Broncos RB Laurence Maroney on Weapons Charges, Vikings DE Everson Griffin on Public Intoxication and Felony Battery, Eagles OT Jason Peters for Possession of Codeine. It’s almost like recently, players like their violence like they like their beer, domestic. And, aside from Michael Vick, there’s hardly been an arrest that got more than the bottom scroll on SportsCenter in awhile.

Sometimes, I like to think about my favorite sports star arrest. It’s a tough choice, but I’m going with Ray Lewis. Most people’s favorite is most-likely O.J., but his arrests came after the Buffalo Bills, and even Officer Nordberg. The Juice was squeezed, and he was done playing at that point. It’s amazing to watch the stock of someone who is at the height of their fame, plunge lower than the Greek economy. And, Ray had a $26 Million NFL contract extension, possibly the most talented linebacker, and gets involved in a fatal street fight? It’s also amazing how cliché it is when an all-pro-linebacker rents a 40-foot Navigator limo for $3,000/day, and has it drive him from Baltimore to Atlanta to watch the Super Bowl, and party after-hours at a club, while wearing a full-length, white fur coat. Not to steer away from the topic, but equally impressive is that the Rams won the Super Bowl that year. When I watched them get blown out at home in Week 3, trailing Baltimore 27-0 at halftime, I forget that they were once a good team. It’s almost like running back Steven Jackson (the only talent on the Rams) is a bigger victim here than the two guys who were murdered.

Anyway, back to Ray…
Two men died that night, the white suit Lewis was wearing that night was never found, Lewis and two associates were arrested, Lewis’ charges were dismissed in exchange for testimony against the other two guys, and Ray Lewis got a year of probation for a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice. He also paid a $250,000 fine to the NFL. And, in a total Robert Downey Jr.-esque move, Ray won the Super Bowl MVP the following year. And, he even has a street named after him in Baltimore.

Two S's...

I met Ray Lewis soon after that incident at a club called The China Club in Washington, DC. He was wearing a white shirt/dress, and white pants (this man loves white more than O.J.), and came over to me: “Keep God your life.” We had a drink, and similar to Joe Paterno, I turned a blind eye to the allegations. Don’t judge me, drinks were $16.

There was another Ray too, Rae Carruth’s murder arrest.But being a child was involved in that one, even I feel somewhat sad making jokes about it. Plus, Rae wasn’t the talent that Ray was. It is amusing, though, that he hid in the trunk of a car for days as a fugitive, and relieved himself into bottles. If only he could have put that kind of dedication into staying healthy on the field.

But, don’t be discouraged. As inevitable as Eddie Murphy cancelling as host of The Oscars, or more women are to come forward on groping charges against Herman Cain, or Tim Tebow is to be inconsistent, or that rapper Heavy D died due to weight related issues, or even, Penn State assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, is to never see sunlight while having his hands free; we can always expect more NFL arrests.

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