A Giant Christmas: “Jets fans are just Giants fans, who couldn’t get Giants tickets.”

“Jets fans are just Giants fans, who couldn’t get Giants tickets.

Lori Levine

NEW YORK, NY – ‘Tis the season for NY NFL rivalries. This Saturday, Christmas Eve, the NY Jets take on the NY Giants, at a Jets ‘home game’, even though Metlife Stadium is usually considered Giants Stadium. The NY media has more stories about this match-up than Vanessa Bryant has millions coming to her. And, although I am, and will always be a Giants fan, I am starting to get pissed off at them. I can relate to what Vikings fans have felt this year. It’s tough to watch your favorite team, and no longer hope for a win, but rather to just cover the spread. I feel as beat up as Giants Linebacker Michael Boley’s 5-year-old son right now. Even Magic Johnson’s T-cell count is more consistent than Eli Manning this season, minus the Patriots game performance.

Oy vey!

I still know in my heart that the Giants are the better team. They have more heart, more loyalty (Steve Smith), and they have Ahmad Bradshaw. Jets coach, Rex Ryan, claimed the Jets were the better team in NY. It seems that Rex is great at trash talking, picking out sweet sweater-vests, finding buffets, and filming his wife’s feet. He is pretty much good at everything, except putting together an offensive line. Ryan is set to appear in a new Adam Sandler movie coming out in 2012, playing a New England Patriots fan; although, the jury’s still out if he’s playing a Boston football fan, or a Boston Market fan.

I’m keeping this short, as I am going into this game upset. Although Jets fans are going into this game feeling the same. I have found that my bragging usually comes back to haunt me. This game is very important and I am more unsure about it than Andy Dick’s sexuality. My favorite NY Giant of all timeand the love of my life, Lawrence Taylor, once said: “Jets fans are just Giants’ fans, who couldn’t get Giants tickets.” If the Jets do win, and this statement becomes null and void, it will be the saddest thing to happen to New Jersey since the Jon Bon Jovi internet death rumors.

Tune in tomorrow for Cookie’s Corner, your predictions are encouraged,  and have a Happy Holiday.

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