NFL Straining Camp: NY Jets Fighting, Dolphins Drowning & T.O.

NY Jets Fighting… NY Jets.
Lori Levine

NEW YORK, NY– As the Olympics come to 4th down, and the World sees that Nigeria should stick to swindling seniors out of their life savings, rather than ever step foot on a basketball court again; the NFL training camp is starting up. And we will soon see the stars, the passes -and in Rex Ryan’s case – the gastric bypasses. Oh, and Rex’s NY Jets Fighting.

That’s right. What’s getting the most media attention right now is the Jets fighting worse than Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Only Tom and Katie had rings on their fingers. And then there’s Bears QB Jay Cutler spawning with reality star, Kristin Cavalliari, and naming their son after the murder capital of the US, Camden Cutler. Although I am loving the double consonants, I am surprised they didn’t go with Mogadishu.

As I write this, my favorite show on TV, Hard Knocks featuring the Miami Dolphins, is debuting on HBO. This show should really help South Florida because season after season Dolphins fans have filled the stadium like Lolo Jones has filled her trophy cabinet. Yet the Dolphins, along with their new QB, Ryan Tannehill are as likely to make the post-season as we are to see any NHL season this year (I’m predicting 2004-05 all over again).

And last but not least, one of my favorite news updates of the week was Terrill Owens at Seahawks camp. And it’s not the hard facts we have learned to live with from Terrell… Such as: He is broke…. His family was once on the Dr. Phil Show due to his lack of paying them child support… That while playing for the Eagles, he once wore a Michael Irwin jersey from the years when the Philly/Dallas rivalry was most intense… No, it’s not any of those gems. Rather, it’s learning that his middle name is Eldorado. Now everything makes so much more sense to me.

Tune in for Different Matt tomorrow but don’t miss Cam JamesPennant Race piece, today.

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