Officially Done With NFL Refs… Andy Pettitte, Bill Belichick, NHL Lockout, Nets Cheerleaders


*Lori slums…

NEW YORK, NY – I’m getting incredibly tired and bored of discussing the situation surrounding the NFL Refs and their lockout –  which which ended last night. But my question is, whatever happened to discussing player concussions, or fines for illegal hits, or steroids, or ‘legitimate’ rape, or potentially bombing Iran and all kinds of that important stuff? This ref stuff has invaded my TV and my social media and is just bound to have a pornographic movie soon, ‘Two Refs, One Bad Call.

I actually had to search 7 stories deep, passing Pam Anderson being the first to be voted off Dancing With the Stars, and Lady Gaga’s 25-pound weight gain, just to see if NHL players will continue to hold 57% of the league’s revenue. At this rate, the MLB playoffs won’t have a single reporter. We would have a better chance of viewing Mitt Romney’s 2009 and 2010 tax records, than a single American League story.

Speaking about the American League, and things that make me so happy, Andy Pettitte’s performance grabs you like Bill Belichick grabs officials; the guy is simply a beast. He has thrown for 11 run-less innings since coming back, and shows dudes half his age how pitching is done. Plus, he makes Yankees fans smile more than Nick Swisher’s dugout pranks or watching the Red Sox fight for last place.

That’s all for me, leave your two cents below and check out Cam James today around noon depending on his hangover…

*Hope the picture of me pic of me at Citi Field batting practice didn’t make you too jealous. 😉 

The Brooklynettes… Nets cheerleaders/Ladies Of The Evening.

This comes courtesy of the Mayor Of Mattville, JG Clancy.

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