Uber Sports Babe Lori Levine: When The Heat Hits The Fan

photoNEW YORK – As I sit here watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals, so much is going on in my mind. First, you cannot help but really hate these “fans.” And as much as I struggle with periods of pure distaste for Lebron James, these South Floridians don’t deserve him. They left American Airlines Arena in such a mass exodus, thinking the Heat were out, that one would have thought 2 homeless men were eating faces after snorting bath salts again. This is the same game that the Heat pulled through in the fourth, and Ray Allen’s three pointer forced overtime.

Fans couldn’t take the Heat.

This game was epic and seats were a minimum of $500. And it just shows the bottom level of humanity that could leave a playoff game like that. I place these people in the same league as all the recent kidnappers in the Cleveland area. And, to top it off and prove their fair-weatheredness further, they all wanted back in when the Heat picked it back up again. Typical!

publixWhy is it when I am eating on Lincoln Road in Miami, the tip needs to be included in the bill because the restaurant knows how slow the service is? Or, when I’m at Publix getting my Fantasy 5 lottery ticket, I’m in there for a minimum of 15 minutes because counting a $10 bill apparently takes that much time? But… all of a sudden when supposed Heat fans choose to buy a Game 6 ticket rather than a new pair of True Religion jeans, they’re in a rush? Don’t worry guys, your leased cars will be there when you leave.

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