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Lori Levine
Lori Levine. No. Really.

NEW YORK, NY – This was a rough summer, to say the least. With the Yankees’ injuries, looming retirements, elimination from the post-season, more reported PED usage, Mariano Rivera bobblehead-gate, and twerking becoming a national pastime; I was definitely excited for a new beginning. And, that beginning is the NFL, and more specifically, the New York Giants.

Say whatever you want about their 0-4 start, they are the best team in football. I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise to watch LT: The Life & Times, which is the Showtime film chronicling NFL Hall of Famer, Lawrence Taylor. I swear, they are like the ’86 Mets… but every year.

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My first love of football is because of LT. And my first time going clothes-shopping with my father was for a 56 jersey. When the Giants drafted Taylor, they hadn’t made the playoffs in 18 years. And besides going behind the scenes of the best defensive player ever, the film shows a rare glimpse of a smiling Bill Belichick, which is apparently rarer than finding a four-leaf clover – or anyone playing defense on the Redskins. The magic of this Giants team, coming together, winning Super Bowls, even though LT was in the height of his drug and hooker binges, is the most inspiring story though. Yea, this guy struggled, put his family through complete hell, never showed up for practice. But, he also has the biggest heart, and respect for his teammates, and love for his coach; both Belichick, and then Bill Parcells. The LT equation of that much talent and heart, and a pre-Roger Goodell no-head contact hitting era, changed the whole league.

Going into this 2013 season, I had great hopes for this Giants team, as they seemed to have one of the best offenses in the league. Most fans think of the Giants as a second-half team, well hopefully they are also a three-quarter season team. As I write this, the Giants are gearing up to play against the 1-3 Eagles, who would probably do better with a Geno’s cheese steak at their helm, rather than Geno Smith. I am praying, that we can see a small glimpse of the LT-era Giants, or even Victor Cruz to filibuster into the end zone like a diapered-wearing, Ted Cruz filibustered to Congress.


The LT of Meet The Matts, Different Matt, tomorrow.

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