Sports Babe Lori Levine 2013 Countdown: Al Michaels, Jason Collins, Duck Dynasty, Alon Smith

Sports Babe Lori Levine (R) w/ pal.

NEW YORK, NY – So it’s that time of year when people love countdowns. Well, countdowns and also discounted merchandise, (Air Jordans), stuffing highly caloric meats with highly caloric carbs and suicide. And when I think back at 2013, I think of the fond memories such as Kevin Ware telling his Louisville teammates to “just win” or witnessing Peyton Manning’s unbelievable stats and winning Sportsman of the Year. But for all the Mariano Rivera’s, there’s the Manti Te’o’s and the Lance Armstrong’s of the sports world which hold a deeper place in my obviously small and blackened heart.

The biggest moment in sports in 2013 to me, is definitely the blackout seen across the world. Forget the Super Bowl, we had some of the best athletes blackouts leading to DWI’s to date this year. If I were to pick a favorite, it’d be the arrest of NBC Sports announcer Al Michaels. He was arrested in April for DUI. Michaels who really made a name for himself for broadcasting the 1980 Miracle on Ice game at the Lake Placid Olympics,asking viewers “Do you believe in miracles?” Yes Al, I do… I believe in the miracle of a car service.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was also arrested this year for DUI and possession of marijuana. He now has more DUIs than he does Super Bowls,yet the shining light is he still has more felony arrests for weapons than DUIs and Aaron Hernandez would kill to only have 2 DWI’s and 3 felony arrests.

al-micheals-mugMinnesota is a story of their own,and not just their recent Archdiocese abuse arrests. They almost have more arrests on the Vikings than they have quarterbacks – which is saying something. They’re on their third arrest since November 9 th with linebacker Erin Henderson who was arrested on November 19th for DUI, which he called a “wake-up call”. Too bad their entire defense hasn’t heard a wakeup call. Wide receiver Jerome Simpson was also arrested and charged with DWI,as was former Vikings cornerback A.J. Jefferson who was arrested last month and charged with felony domestic assault.

Colorado Rockies co-owner Charlie Monfort was arrested as well,but this one seems fittingly since they do play in Coors Field. And add that to only one World Series in 2007, they lost to the Red Sox… and it’ll make any man drink.

collins_si_imgEqual rights have been very big this past year, and this was present in sports as well. We had the first active player in sports “come out” this year, although Jason Collins chances of playing in the NBA are still less likely than Lamar Odom’s are; or that Vladamir Putin’s are to return Robert Kraft’s 2004 SB ring (another one of my favorite stories). Speaking of gay rights, why is it that I have seen more topless photos of Putin than I have on any of the storefronts on Christopher Street in the West Village? Plus, I know everyone is shocked and talking about Duck Dynasty and probably having similar thoughts to me,which is Duck Dynasty was interviewed by GQ’?

This year had its share of ups and downs,and this couldn’t have been witnessed more than by Boston. The Red Sox win rebuilt hope for this hurt city and the country. Yet, with the good always comes the bad and besides Hernandez, that bad was Rob Gronkowski’s injury both the torn ACL and the STD swabs.

P.s… Check out the blond in this video:

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