Blaber’s Blabberings: Carmelo Anthony To Bulls, Deone Bucannon Brick Response, MSL

“If we gave you a brick how many things could you do with it? You have 60 seconds to answer” – Cleveland Browns Management to Deone Bucannon

CarmeloAnthonyEL BARIO, BRONX: Woohoo! In case you are wondering why I am so happy, it is because it is Spring Daylight Savings Time. Sure, that means that we lose an hour as the clocks spring forward but it also means that tulips, bunnies and baseball are almost here and we have survived the Polar Vortex… and 6 installments of Snowpocalypse. Fear not, though, my Bully Pulpit will continue to serve the sporting masses – just under the glorious rays of sunshine and humidity, rather than the dark gloaming of Winter. But enough about the weather, let’s talk sports – like  the inevitable (hopefully) departure of Carmelo Anthony from New York, Deone Bucannon’s bizarre “brick” response from the Cleveland Browns‘ at the NFL combine and the start of the MLS Season.

Knicks Destroyer and owner James Dolan
Knicks Destroyer and owner James Dolan

Carmelo’s Choice:
Unlike most NY Knicks fans, I want Carmelo Anthony to go. The problem is the boy is allergic to playing good team basketball. I have watched the Knicks play well running set plays, then the next few trips down the floor Melo gets bored and starts playing Top Scorer, so he just starts driving and or chucking it. That translates into him having half the team’s points at the half. Coach Mike Woodson can’t say anything to him because Owner James Dolan follows him home and everywhere else to make sure he says the right things and keeps Carmelo happy. Yet, the Knicks still  have top 5 attendance and revenue, so Dolan wants to keep his star happy by lining his pockets – winning is irrelevant.

But… The Knicks need to re-build around young talents Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. Just bite the bullet and re-build already! Knicks fans are tough – we can take it. What we struggle with is seeing guys like Danilo Gallanari, Little Nate Robinson, David Lee, Wilson Chandler and Channing Frye become solid players for everyone else. And don’t get me started on Jeremy Lin. Add those 6 to the other 2 and we have a solid squad right there.

Carmelo and his Boss
Carmelo and his Boss

Apparently, there are two locations for Carmelo to go to: Chicago & Los Angeles. There was a debate on ESPN as to which team he should go to. It seems that Chicago is the better pick because they have a good coach in Tom Thibodeau, a top big man in Joakim Noah, a solid two-guard in Jimmy Butler and quality point guard in Derrick Rose (he may not be as great as he could have been but is still a top-drawer). There is mention that maybe Carmelo will take a pay cut so the Bulls can keep Taj Gibson and allow the side to be stacked. Obviously, they are not aware of how selfish Melo is – that he would even consider taking a pay cut. Melo he ain’t, when it comes to his Benjamins.

As for the LA Lakers, they are possibly the worst they have every been since their Cedric Ceballos years. Kobe is coming back but in what condition? They will get role players but will that be enough to win in the very competitive Western Conference. In 2 years it could be Melo’s team, though they may still suck.

Chicago should be the easy choice, right? Wrong.
1) His off the court antics indicate this is really Lala’s choice. Mrs. Anthony fancies herself a movie star or something and to improve her career they left Denver for NY. This means they will likely leave NY for LA so she can co-star in more lame movies.
2) Having seen Carmelo play, it is apparent it is all about him, so he is allergic to smart decisions – pointing to LA.

NCAA Football: Gildan New Mexico Bowl-Washington State vs Colorado StateCleveland Browns and Deone Bucannon
The NFL Draft use to happen behind closed doors. Now with their own network, they’ve turned it into a 4-day, televised affair. Everything is under the microscope. And lately, the NFL Combine has produced interesting stories of NFL teams asking players weird questions to gage a players reaction and attitude… Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant was asked “…if his mom was a hooker, since he said his dad was a pimp.” Recently retired safety Myron Rolle was asked “…if he felt like a quitter for choosing to take his Rhodes Scholarship and attend Oxford University rather than go straight to the pros.” Our latest beauty is from the Cleveland Browns, who asked stellar safety prospect Deone Bucannon to name as many things he could do with a brick in one minute. Not sure what Bucannon answered, as the question was reported via Twitter. My answer would have been to smash you in the face for asking a dumb question. Hence, I am not in the NFL (that and athletic ability).

Only way to get the staff to even look at soccer
Only way to get the staff to even look at soccer

MLS Kick-off Weekend
I now know what that reporter felt like when he asked Allen Iverson about practice. I got that contempt/disgust/insult from Short Matt when I asked if he was excited that Saturday was the start of the MLS season. What are we talking about?! Soccer?! We talking about Soccer ?! At any rate, I Am Excited. Since my English League team has been having a rough season, hopefully the NY Red Bulls can make me smile a bit come this weekend.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the one and only, Cheesy Bruin.

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