Will Karma Punish Dodgers? Will Collins Cost Mets? Can Ireland Help?

Mr Met Hat 2015-10-13 16.45.33COUNTY MAYO, IRELAND – Now, before you say, “Hold the Mayo,” we’d like to thank the MTM Staff for holding things together while we’ve been overseas moonlighting with RugbyWrapUp.com as the Team USA Media Manager(s) leading up to, and including, the Rugby World Cup. And getting married during a the whole shebang certainly didn’t make stewarding this ship any easier. Add in the fact that England’s Internet Super Highway sputters, gasps and rarely works –  right up there with Sandy Alderson free agent signings and draft picks (Conforto notwithstanding) – and you have a perfect opportunity for things to collapse like the 2007/2008 Mets. Thankfully, our over-used and banged-up staff has plugged leaks with a passion and aplomb that defies all reason, and gives us a chance to keep this thing going.

And that brings us to the New York Mets. Can they keep it going – despite Terry Collins? Terry’s done a good job, you say? We beg to differ. If they don’t win the next one against the Brooklyn Dodgers of Chavez Ravine, it won’t be because of Kershaw and Greinke. It will be squarely on the shoulders of Terry Collins, who saw his team blow home-field advantage with a horrific finish AND managing to the nonsensical by using Bartolo Colon in a key relief role. As cliche as it sounds, you dance with the one that brought you – you don’t ask a 48-yearold starting pitcher to get a big out as a reliever. That’s the one that will stick in our craw almost as much as Willie Randolph not bunting the 8th inning of 2006’s Game 7.

Stamp 2015-10-13 11.15.32
A Litte Luck O’ The Irish for the Mets?

BUT… We optimists here – bald and often bitter optimists at times – and think that the Metsies can win despite Terry Collins because of the Dodgers’ sins of their baseball ancestors and the crime they committed by tearing the heart out of New York when they left for the smog and indifferent fans of Los Angeles. And as Irish Catholics we’re inherently guilty and know that our Penance for leaving the Staff alone is that we must miss watching our Mets win the Pennant – Justin Turner be damned!

la-sp-dn-mets-terry-collins-do-not-retaliate-utley-20151012And with that, it’s back to a delayed-honeymoon with decent Irish wi-fi. We’re off to hike Croagh Patrick and then for a boat trip on Westport Harbour. All with Mr. Met well-represented.

A ligean ar Téigh Mets! (Let’s Go Mets!)

P.s... Win or lose, the Mets were better than the Yankees this year – and that’s nothing short of a miracle.

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