Opening Day for deBaby deGrom and WrestleMania from Jerry’s World!

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bbemetsopeningdayFLUSHING, NY – It is Opening Day – and not just for the New York Mets. At press time, it remained a very real possibility that it was opening day for deBaby deGrom too. We here at MTM wish Jacob and his family nothing but the best of health for the coming deBaby.  

degromBut c’mon, Jake! You’re no Daniel Murphy! Like Mike Francessa, Ralph Kramden, and Hugh Beaumont before you, you’ve got to get to the hospital, pace and smoke a pack of Luckys in the waiting room while awaiting word that deBaby has arrived. And then haul your arm in a cab (Duaner Sanchez style) back to Citifield and pitch your arse off.

And while the deGroms wrestle with deBaby’s impending birth…      ralph

Last Sunday, we had WrestleMania from Jerry’s World in Dallas. Some key story-lines we were following included Shane McMahon (Shane O’Mac) who made his shocking return to the WWE last month. All he wanted was control of Monday Night Raw from his father. Vince agreed and told him if he could beat the Undertaker inside the Hell in a Cell match in Dallas, control of the valuable “Raw” franchise was Shane’s. From a booking standpoint this match made no sense. WWE fans though, were so happy to see Shane O’Mac, it didn’t matter. Once they got to Dallas, the match was insane! A motivated Shane threw himself off the top of the cell. Ultimately though, the Undertaker would win the match in his yard.  It was great to have Shane back though-charismatic as ever!

WrestleMania-32-4The Main Event featured Triple H vs Roman Reigns. This match had been built up for months and I was as excited as anyone. But there was one problem. Reigns was getting booed out of the building. Not even the King of Kings could solve this debacle; but the boos seemed to propel Reigns. Roman would come out to a thunderous amount of boos; the crowd firmly behind Triple H. But when it mattered most, Reigns rose to the challenge, and speared the hell out of The Game to win the title.

As is the case after every special event, Monday Night Raw becomes the platform in which unresolved story lines from the night before get cleared up and furthered. This past Monday we learned…

AJ Styles is the new number one contender, but Heel Reigns? Roman came out on Monday and was as boring and dull as ever.  He cut one of the worst promos I have ever seen.  He went on to say “I’m not a bad guy; I’m not a good guy; I’m THE guy!”  Very original Roman.

Chris Jericho responded by coming out and demanding a title shot. Jericho then was followed by Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and the new number one contender AJ Styles.


So at Payback it will be Reigns vs Styles. This match has a chance to be very very good but the WWE has to go “all in” on making Reigns THE truly bad guy. 

Styles is the new baby-face star and what better way could there be than to have Styles reign over Reigns? This is unlikely as Reigns just won the title at WrestleMania. He is not going to lose it at the next PPV. The WWE is getting way too predictable though. Could a serious heel turn help build Reigns into the heel persona this company so desperately needs?

Now back to baseball… MTM personalities Angry Ward, Cheesy Bruin, Junoir Blaber and Short Matt will all be at the game, see if you can catch up with them and talk a little baseball!

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