Giants Crapping Bed, Sanchize II, Altuve vs Judge, Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks

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DOWN IN THE DUMPS, NY Pee-you! That odor wafting through the tri-state area is a result of my last two efforts as part of Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks. I mean, only the N.Y. Giants and Aaron Judge’s foibles have been worse recently. I am 1-7 the last two weeks and I hope I can turn things around before heading to Sin City for a long weekend. Since taking on the handicapping duties four years ago, I haven’t encountered this bad a spell on MTM, as the usual 60% success rate just seems out of grasp this year. But I’ll still grind it out with these selections.

Los_Angeles_Chargers_Cheerleaders Cheesy_Bruin NFL_Picks Meet_The_Matts
Hotter cheerleaders in San Diego?

FAVORITE: Everybody but the Giants beats the San Di, I mean the Los Angeles Chargers. Yes, the team who invents new ways to lose games in the 4th quarter on a regular basis got into the win column against a moribund bunch of hobbled Giants. Big Blew is starting to look like the NFL equivalent of the New York Mets. But I digress. The Chargers go back to their losing ways as the Oakland Raiders get Derek Carr back from injury. Not saying this will be easy because nothing has been easy for me lately but I’m banking on the Raiders to pull this one out and they’re only laying three and a half. The Pick? OAKLAND -3.5 over Los Angeles Chargers.

UNDERDOG: I know of Aaron Rodgers’ prowess as quarterback all too well being a Dallas Cowboys fan. But honestly, how can Green Bay keep winning with Rodgers running for his life behind a so-so O-line? The Cowboys have problems in coverage and were easy pickin’s. The Minnesota Vikings are home dogs and what gamblers doesn’t like that scenario? Carrying a stout defense with Case Keenum managing the offense, things will be much different for the Packers today. The Pick? MINNESOTA +3.5 over Green Bay.

Gary Sanchez is The Sanchize of the Yankees, according to Matt McCarthy of MeetTheMatts.comOVER: “O” as in O-for 5 on my ‘over’ selections – and they haven’t even been close people. I get the feeling there will be lots of points coming on a fast track in New Orleans as the Saints are also coming off a bye week to entertain the Detroit Lions. In a few sentences I have just put “the mush” on any and all of your fantasy football players in this game. First one to thirty points wins this game but then again what do I know? The Pick? Detroit/NEW ORLEANS OVER 50.

UNDER: I have seen enough from the Pittsburgh Steelers offense to know they are in for a rocky remainder of the season. The defense is going to have to carry them the rest of the way as they won’t be able to go toe-to-toe and point-for-point with the Kansas City Chiefs today in Arrowhead Stadium. Twice I’ve been burned in picking the Steelers games over but I’m not falling victim again especially with Big Ben (not Whitney) throwing to the wrong jerseys and on the road where he struggles often. The Pick? Pittsburgh/KANSAS CITY UNDER 47.

That’s it for me today. Come back tomorrow for  DJ Eberle, a man who thinks Aaron Judge is more valuable than Jose Altuve. And please follow us on Twitter – @CheesyBruin & @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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I hope I don’t get Judge’s with my picks!
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