Grinding Ax Edition: Bradleys Killed USA Men’s Soccer? Eli Manning Bye-Bye? Yankees on Edge


MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ With Yankee fans reeling about their Baby Bummers, let’s start with a bigger ball for them to handle.. Princeton is widely known as the home of the #1 University in the United States of America. It may soon be known as the birth place of the man who destroyed USA Men’s Soccer. While he did not achieve this dubious distinction alone, Michael Bradley is culpable for selling out the middle of the field for over twelve years.  The lack of interest from European first division teams should have been an obvious red flag for the USA Soccer Federation . That would have been too easy! You see, his father, Bob Bradley just happened to be the coach when young Michael Bradley was drafted at age seventeen by the New York Metro Stars of the MLS in 2004. 

You go in for Luis Severino… again.

Conveniently, Bob Bradley was coaching the US Men’s National Team when young Michael made his debut on the squad. A few years later, guess who was named captain? Nepotism at its worst. Many of you may say that this slug scored some goals.  The problem is that he consistently lost control of the midfield, which in soccer, spells disaster when playing any strong side. This became the norm as he played zero defense inside the box and simply watched his opposing marks score. By the time Jurgen Klinsmann took over, the talent pool was polluted with foot fairies that, by design, could not knock the lumbering Bradley off the field. While Klinsmann had some success with the squad by bringing in German trained American citizens to patch some holes, it was not enough to accomplish real success. Forward to this past year. Bruce “Baba Booey” Arena takes the reigns trying to recapture his “eighties” mojo and things just got worse. He leaves his old protégés kid in the middle and the USA gets beat by miniature nations wearing donated equipment.  Besides not qualifying for next year’s World Cup, they get physically beat up by midgets and malnourished aboriginals!

Baba Booey

We will continue to be the laughing stock of world soccer if the five or six douche-bags running things behind the scenes are allowed to stay. If things do not improve, men’s soccer in this country may get jumped by rugby in popularity!

Eli Manning’s name has been circulating in many articles and discussions over the past two weeks. Not for his stellar play, but in trade rumors.  Who would be dumb enough to trade away a high draft pick for football’s equivalent of Dick Van Dyke?  


Introducing Shahid Khan, the Pakistani American owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Khan is a multi-billionaire who keeps rubbing that Genie Bottle in the hopes of creating a winning team. He has hired MTM favorite Tom Coughlan to advise on personnel matters, so it obvious why the Jags would offer up some draft picks for Eli Gump. On the surface, all you loyal Giants fans are against betraying your two-time champion quarterback.  Common sense says SELL! Dumping the huge salary that Manning was awarded, while grabbing valuable picks would be a solid business decision. Will the Mara’s allow this conversation to continue? Stay tuned for a few weeks until the trade deadline.

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