Grinding Ax Edition: Eli’s Coming! Roger Goodell Wins Lottery

Grinding Ax Edition: Eli's Coming! Roger Goodell Wins Lottery
Grinding Ax Edition: Eli's Coming! Roger Goodell Wins Lottery

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ  Eli’s Comin’… Eli’s Comin’… Eli’s Comin’… Well Cowboys fans, you better hide your heart, your cowboy lovin’ heart… Eli’s Comin’ and the cards say… A Broken Heart! 

It has been a Very Tense season for the Giants and Eli Manning. Who would ever have thought that the team with the NFC’s most stingy defense last season would lose its swagger along with most of its offensive weapons? The fact that the Jets are garnering more respect as of late has caused quite a conundrum for the New York sports enthusiast. Who do you rally behind this season?

Eli Manning is the lovable klutz who has stolen the hearts of all Giants fans by leading the team to two Super Bowl titles.  Grinding Ax Edition: Eli's Coming! Roger Goodell Wins LotteryHe has been untouchable by the MTM staffers – with the exception of yours truly. My lighthearted poking fun at Manning has evoked much emotion within the circle of MTM regulars. Spirited debates ensued with verbal darts puncturing opposing statements after each comment posted. Big Al Sternberg would always question how anyone from New York/New Jersey could possibly be a Cowboys fan! Treasonous! Well, I am here to praise Eli today – not to bury him!


This will be Manning’s 27th start vs Dallas with the series tied at 13-13. This could very well be the last start for Eli versus the Cowboys, so there is definitely intrigue for fans on both sides.  This has been quite a rivalry since the millennium, despite the fact that Dallas has not been a serious Super Bowl contender in this time spam. I believe that this twice a year match-up is more meaningful to Eli than the games played against any other team in the East.  I predict that once again the Power of  the Mannings prevails and Gump gets his final upset vs Jerry Jones’ Cowboys. He will be doing the delusional fans of Big D a favor by eliminating them from Wild Card contention.  There will be no high-fiving in the box with Krispy Kreme’s new national spokesman, Chris Christie, and the Jones family.

Roger Goodell wins the Powerball – Having inked a five year extension at over forty million per annum, Roger Goodell is the poster boy for all things that suck!  This move will test just how bullet proof the NFL is against a strengthening wave of distain. Thousands of season ticket holders have traded their seats for other Sunday activities in the wake of the leagues limp wristed stance on the National Anthem decorum.  Regardless what side of this issue that you stand (or sit),  there is no denying that the league has lost fans.  I know many Giants, Jets and Eagles season ticket holders who have sold their seats in protest of Goodell.  Jerry Jones may have had it correct by lobbying to wait on this extension. Time will tell…

Finally, we will also be starting a Go Fund Me page for Buddy Diaz to either go to the Super Bowl to cheer on his Eagles or to get therapy when they  fail once more! Chime in with your opinions and delusional ideas and come back tomorrow, when Junoir Blabber explains why Soccer will become our new Sunday pastime!

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