Fake MLB, NFL and NBA Sports Questions by Fake Fans

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SPANISH HARLEM – I have absolutely nothing to write about today so I’m going to try something new. I have this great following on Twitter but I don’t know if half of them really exists. With all the news on how some people paid to get their following boasted, it got me thinking… Why not answer fake questions by some of my fake fans.

Lets start with the NBA.

What are your feelings about the Blake Griffin Trade? (By @DocRivera)

When a team trades one of the best players in the NBA, you almost never get equal value and though the Los Angeles Clippers got some decent players, none of those guys have the potential of Blake Griffin. On the other hand, the Detroit Pistons got a talented player who can never seem to stay healthy. I personally don’t like this trade for either team because the Pistons weren’t one player away from contending for a championship and the Clippers now will be looking to rebuild in a conference that has the Golden State Warriors… good luck there.

Buddy_Diaz Meet_The_Matts

Is Kristaps Porzingis a Franchise Player? (By @Knickslifer)

Recently, I started to debate this question with friends of mine, some Knicks fans and some that are not. Most Knicks fans believe that Porzingis will be great but I’m starting to think otherwise. I love KP but sometimes I don’t see a player that is making his teammates better. The Unicorn can score with the best of them on a good day but so far that’s not enough. For him to be truly great, he needs to figure out when to dominate and when to get others involved. Right now he is far from a franchise player but there is still time for him.


Do you really believe that the Yankees will go with Rookies at 3rd and 2nd base? ( By @27Chips)

At this point in time, Brian Cashman believes that Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres can man the position but in an ideal world, the Yankees sign Todd Frazier to a one year deal and let Ronald Torreyes play 2nd base until Torres is ready. You don’t want to rush your prospects when they’re not ready, no matter how talented they may seem. This Yankees team is young as it is, a veteran like Frazier would help on the field and in the clubhouse but the team is looking to save money and get under the tax threshold. The organization is only looking to bring in players on their terms so expect the rooks until further notice.

Will the Mets contend this year? (By @Metsmisery)

Right now the New York Mets basically have the same team they had last year. If their starting pitchers can stay healthy, they can have one of the top staffs in the National League but can you really count on pitchers staying healthy over a full season. This organization doesn’t want to spend money to fill the holes they have and no prospects that can come in and contribute. Expect another season of mediocre offense unless the Mets pay up and bring in guys that can help make them a legitimate threat.


Should the New York Jets sign Kirk Cousins? ( By @JetsRock)

They most certainly should entertain the idea and see what it would take to sign him. Kirk Cousins would immediately make this Jets a better team next season. That will allow your organization to fill their holes through the draft and make you a legit contender right away. He is an intense guy that always wants to win, the Washington Redskins didn’t appreciate him but I’m sure Jets fans would.

Can the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl? (By @Buddydiaz19)

I did some research on this, did you know there are 9 teams that won the Super Bowl with a Back Up Quarterback. I know… I was surprised too. Guess which name came up… Tom Brady (HA!). I know the New England Patriots are the best team of my generation and they have a lot of mystic but they can be beaten. So my answer is… YES the Eagles can win the Super Bowl.

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