Grinding Ax Edition: “Case For Keenum” NY Giants? Super Nova!

ase_keenum vs Eli_Manning, Meet_The_Matts

ase_keenum vs Eli_Manning, Meet_The_Matts

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ –  Case Keenum deserves respect.  Despite what is being said after a one-sided NFC Championship loss to the Philthydelphia EaglesKeenum deserves serious consideration for MVP and a starting job next year.  Let’s look at the Case For Keenum.

Grinding Ax Walter_Hynyes Edition: "Case For Keenum" NY Giants and Case Keenum? Super Nova! Meet_The_Matts

In reverse order, my timeline begins in  Philadelphia.  The Vikings were dominated by an Eagles defense that played as if they wanted to advance to the Super Bowl!  Case Keenum hardly played his best game. However, the game was handed to Philly by the overrated Vikings defense!  I can certainly relate to Angry Ward’s anguish watching Terrence Newman relive his days in Dallas, getting burnt over and over again. Blame the lack of adjustments, not Case.  The Vikings are now faced with a decision on who will be their signal caller next year. Sam Bradford has the pedigree, but like a dog with hereditary health issues, he lands on the injured list too much. Teddy Bridgewater was chosen to bring this team back to respectability. That was before his knee blew up. Can he be that guy? Case Keenum should be signed as one to compete for the job that he earned by default. That would be the smart move. The issue at hand is that nobody knows a smart Viking. Enter Big Blue

Pat Shurmur inherits team of underachieving, highly-paid posers. The Giants spent a boatload on free agency for a defense that mailed it in halfway through the season. Finger pointing and smack-talking mediocrity ruled the locker room, led by Shemp McAdoo, who lost his grip after he decided to slick back his hair. He would still be the coach had he not decided to embarrass a Manning.  The fact is Eli is not the QB he once was, but you don’t bench him when the entire team sucks.  Shurmur is a quarterback whisperer. He develops throwers and tailors an offense to maximize a QB’s strengths. The problem in Big Blue Land is that they have a washed-up hero and no real replacement to step in and win. That is where the case for Keenum makes for worthy conversation. Healthy receivers and a Shurmur offense for Case Keenum can work immediately. Then you draft defensive needs at linebacker and trade the Bad Apples? Keenum can back up Eli without shame, knowing that he can competently take over when called upon. If Manning fails to deliver again,  nobody will argue that his time for retirement has come.

Dean of Doing it Right

Villanova Men’s Basketball is the best team in the nation. More importantly, people like Jay Wright and his band of 3-Point Assasins! This program is saving the Big East Conference. Their success has helped all the schools recruitment numbers, to the dismay of the overrated ACC, which had hoped to strip-mine the East of its basketball talent.  With predominantly Catholic schools, the Big East was doomed after ‘Cuse, Pitt, West Virginia, etc left. Wrong!  Nova’s National Championship not only saved the east but proved that four-year players who graduate can still win over hired hands who use schools for a year, only to jump to the NBA.  Coach K dons a pimp suit now with the expectation of buying another championship. Jay Wright is the new Dean of Doing it Right!

Chime in with your lame rebuttal and no, I will not pick a Super Bowl winner. I will be in Philadelphia watching Nova beat Seton Hall Sunday afternoon, before I escape that den of lunatics to watch the game in the safe confines of Chateau Ax.

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