Rivalry That Will Never Die: Yankees Vs Red Sox. Giancarlo Stanton Front and Center

SPANISH HARLEM – At the end of a baseball game on Tuesday night, the Yankees were totally dominated by a Boston Red Sox team that continued their best start in history. Questions remain about the Yank’s bullpen, about Giancarlo Stanton and still other things. It’s still early but this version of the Bronx Bombers needed something to wake them up.

Who would of thought that that wake-up call would come via a slide by Tyler Austin?

The Rivalry That Will Never Die: Yankees Vs Red Sox, Giancarlo Stanton

Newsflash: The New York Yankees won a great game yesterday; a game they needed to win more than any other they played so far. It wasn’t about the night before, it was about winning. Last night the Yankees offense succeeded in ways that could be expected but not fully met. Gary Sanchez hit two home runs and Stanton looked liked a Major League Baseball player… but that wasn’t the moment that made this game a must-win. Instead, it was when Tyler Austin was hit by a pitch and decided to charge the mound. The Yankees didn’t back down. In fact, they backed Boston down to their own dugout. Nothing screamed power more than Aaron Judge and Stanton bullying/pushing the WHOLE Red Sox team back. It brought me back to the day of Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek fighting, with Varitek still wearing his face-mask, pushing A-Rod. That made for a memorable moment and one that I totally disagree with. As a former catcher myself, you always take your face mask off… point blank! That moment led Boston fans to say that the Sox were tougher but NOOooo… that was far from the truth. It did help their team to come together, though, much in the same way that this Yankee team will come together.

I know I’m biased. But this Yankee team showed me something.  They needed something to bring them together and last night was the perfect time to do just that. Austin had a moment to hesitate but he knew what he did. The Red Sox tried to play the Yankees, they tried to muscle them just like they did the night before. Masahiro Tanaka gave up a grand slam to bring the Red Sox within two runs but that wouldn’t stop the fight. They punched right back. Judge and Stanton brought more than their bats – they brought the power and the ability to push the other team back were they belong.

The Rivalry That Will Never Die: Yankees Vs Red Sox, Mets Magic
Management Insert: In a related story, loud infighting erupted between Yankee Execs re the 10-1, 800-lb gorilla playing pepper in the front office lobby.

In the end it meant a lot more to the Yankees that they won and that’s all that mattered. They fought and hit their way to a win that will ultimately push them further than another game could. Thank you, Red Sox, for giving this team exactly what they needed… a jolt.

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