Big Ben Tuesday: Yankee Doodle Gloating

Gley and Andu

BRONX, NY – We’re into May and the New York Yankees steamroller has gotten into gear, winning 15 of their last 16 games. Coming off a 6-1 road trip where they flattened the World Series favorites in the A.L., things are looking up for the Bombers. It’s feels like the time is right for some gloating.

Short Matt

Oh what a difference a few weeks makes. Mets fans with short memories went and got ahead of themselves in April. Again. I’m hear to hold them accountable.

Buddy’s a fibber in that he’s lying to himself …Delusional?  – Matt M

Short Matt got carried away like no one else can when the Mets won a few games in April. He’s already been reduced to “how to fix the Mets” columns. You gotta believe? He called Buddy Diaz “a fibber” for believing the Yanke were about to turn it around. Sure, the Yankees’ victory in that Red Sox slap-fight game may not have turned out to be the pivotal season turner Buddy hoped it would, but he was right to keep the faith. Someone was lying to themselves about their team at that point in the season, but it wasn’t Buddy.

Outside of Didi Gregorius, the lineup isn’t as dynamic as NY tabloids would have you believe. – Angry Ward

Gley and Andu

With smoke, mirrors, and some voodoo, this un-dynamic lineup is somehow leading the league in runs. Big swing and a miss by Ward. Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andújar have settled in nicely. They sometimes hit eighth and ninth for the Yankees. They would be hitting at the top of the Mets’ lineup. Brandon Drury is languishing in Triple A purgatory while the Yankees try to figure out what to do with him because Andujar and Torres aren’t going anywhere.

Yankees and Mets are doomed due to skippers that can’t skip. – Cam James

Cam was half right. But this snap judgment of Aaron Boone was confusing, considering there wasn’t much to go on. Boone had never managed at any level. But sure, let’s assess his managing ability from an odd quote or two. Sometimes people confuse what they want to happen with what they think will happen. Boone has had some early season head scratchers, but give the man 100 games to get his feet under him. This team is on cruise control now anyway.

Oh by the way, Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres, and Miguel Andújar are all 26 years old or younger.

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