Sports Rain Man Rants: NHL Playoffs, Winnipeg Jets, NBA Playoffs, LeBron’s Help

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – For a guy not working, this has been a very busy week. I did find time to watch a little sports and ESPN of course. That afforded me the opportunity to find material for today’s article. Therefore, this week’s piece will feature the usual Song of the Week, followed by NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, LeBron’s Help.

Song of the Week: I have become that old dude that doesn’t listen to new music. I listen to a lot of new music and scoff “What in the world is?!” However, trying to be like my Dad, I decided to listen to new, young music and figured I would start with a rapper I like. The new Meek Mill track – following his release from prison – seemed like a good choice. With that as the background, this week’s Song of the Week is First Day Out by Meek Mill. I actually like the rapper and the track, so I can throw this in the young kids faces next time they call me old.

NHL Playoffs: And then it was down to four. I am ecstatic that Winnipeg beat Nashville. I don’t know what it was about Nashville but I didn’t like them. Probably my bias against warm-weather teams winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. I am all in on the Winnipeg Jets bandwagon. First, they are called the Jets, and as a NY J-E-T-S fan, I gotta support success of any team called the Jets. Second, they are a cold-weather team, which is important because they actually appreciate the game more. Third, they are the only Canadian team left and being this close to the border and having Canadian friends, the whole country is behind. Fourth/Lastly, Las Vegas is a warm-weather team and an expansion squad in the conference final. When Jacksonville & Carolina got this far in the NFL, at least it was in their second year. Vegas is trying to do it in their first and that is unacceptable for me. They need long years of suffering or they wont appreciate it and a city like Vegas, with all its fun things to do, doesn’t need a hockey team… let alone a championship one. I am fully rooting for the cold weather Washington Capitals over the Tampa Bay Lighting for the simple reason that Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin, has upped his game, become more well-rounded and the Caps have gotten over the Pittsburgh hump, so maybe it is time for them to win it all.

Winnipeg_Jets, NY Jets, NHL_Playoffs, Junoir_Blaber, Meet_The_Matts

NBA Playoffs: The Cavaliers have the best player in the game and they are up against the best team in the Eastern Conference. Considering the opening night match-up, after the horrific Heyward injury, this was a battle between Cleveland and Boston that was etched in stone. I will go with the Cavs on this one… In the West, you have the best team in the West with two guys that could via for best player in the game, going up against this season’s MVP in James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Harden has gotten some help in Chris Paul and seems like a man possessed. If that is enough to knock off the greatest team ever put together? Time Warp Tony will tell.

Lebron’s help (or lack thereof): People were all talking about LeBron not being himself and the Cavs going out in Round 1. Yeah, okay. I used to hate on James because I felt he was being given too much credit and the NY Knick fan in me couldn’t let go of “the decision.” I tend to be a hater, so if someone if too popular, I tend to take the opposite opinion of them. I am the guy who likes “that band’s” album before they made it big. But here is the thing to remember; Scottie Pippen, with no Micheal Jordan (busy serving his suspension for gambling, yup I said it and replaced by Pete Myers and Toni Kuko?) got the Bulls to game 7s of the Eastern Conference finals. We saw how useless the Cavs were the first time you took LeBron off them, do you think this batch is any better? Here is a SNL skit to drive home the point.

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