NFL Investing: 2018 Over/Under Win Selections

MARLBORO, NY- It’ll soon be that time of year where hoards of millions usher in the gambling season also known as the NFL by spending their food money or expendable incomes on all things football. There are daily fantasy games, pointspreads, totals and prop bets to wager upon but today I’m opting for what’s known as “future” betting–NFL win totals. I’ve got five goodies for you to cash in on by season’s end and here they are…

New York Jets I’m usually not a fan of taking historically moribund teams for an over bet but why not the J-E-T-S this year? Gang Green was an over bet for me last year as well and they eked out an over by half a game and will exceed the 6.5 that has been set by Las Vegas. Consider the AFC East sans New England and you’re left with the Buffalo Bills with a rookie (Josh Allen) or A.J. McCarron or Nathan Peterman. And then there is Miami with Ryan Tannehill under center and you understand where I’m coming from here. The Jets can get three wins inside the division and with the league’s easier schedules they can get four more. Put it in the books. JETS OVER 6.5

Oakland Raiders Football is a young man’s game. Somebody forgot to tell John Gruden as the Raiders have assembled the oldest NFL roster. Experience counts for some things but when it comes to the rigors of a physically grueling 16 games, it helps to have younger legs in December. I’ll predict the Raiders are quick coming out of the gate but they’ll hit the wall in late October/early November and fall shy of 10 wins. RAIDERS UNDER 9.5

Minnesota Vikings Okay, Angry Ward. Here’s my Best Bet of the bunch. After almost smelling the Super Bowl last year the Vikes have upgraded to Kirk Cousins at quarterback and will take advantage of his receiving weapons and have a downfield passing presence. Provided running back Dalvin Cook can stay healthy, this team will do scary things on offense. We already know they boast one of the better NFL defenses so a twelve win campaign is on the horizon. VIKINGS OVER 10

Detroit Lions History doesn’t lie. Disciples from the Bill Belichek coaching tree rarely if ever do well. Mangini, Daniels, Crennell, et. al. have done miserably and maybe that has something to do with not having a guy named Tom Brady as your quarterback. Former Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia is now leading the Detroit Lions who are perennial underachievers. They have four games against the Packers and Vikings so asking them to get seven wins is a tall task. LIONS UNDER 6.5

Washington Redskins This one is strictly a gut feeling based upon how poorly I think the NFC East is shaping up.  After the Philadelphia Eagles there isn’t one bona fide .500 team in the division.  I think Jay Gruden is a good offensive mind and new QB Alex Smith is a compliment to the system the coach employs.  Also set at 6.5, I think the ‘Skins get to seven in the win column.  REDSKINS OVER 6.5

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