Big Ben Whitney: NFL Knee Jerks – ’18 QB Class is Legit, But Mahomes is Legit-er

The hurdle...

Buffalo, NY: While the MTM staff debates whether DJ Eberle will go to Buffalo Bills Hell with Fred Smerlas, Scott Norwood, Vontae Davis, and OJ Simpson, or Buffalo Bills Heaven with Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Don Beebe, and Jim Kelly, it is left to me to bang out some Hot Takes. Let’s call them Ben’s Week 3 NFL Knee-Jerks.

All of the big four QBs in the 2018 NFL draft will be starting in Week 4. That was fast. And after watching Josh Allen jump over defenders like a young Vince Carter and Josh Rosen looking competent, this class might end up being a good one. Watch your back Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson wants to get involved.

The hurdle…

Speaking of QB classes, do you think the Bears might want a do over of the 2017 draft so they could take Patrick Mahomes instead of Mitchell Trubisky? The play where Mahomes zig-zagged away from the rush, then zinged one into the numbers of Chris Conley in the back corner of the end zone was the announcement of his arrival.

The most impressive stat was that he has already thrown a TD to nine different receivers. Matt Ryan holds the record with 13. We’ve played three games.

Trubisky and the Bears had better get going on offense. They gave up three picks to move up one spot to get Trubisky and two first rounders plus to bring on Khalil Mack. That’s a lot of draft capital to be mediocre.

Not Ereck Flowers…

For some reason, Giants’ RT Chad Wheeler was getting praised on Monday. Uh, did you see the game? JJ Watt had 3 sacks (though he got an early jump on one and the refs missed it) and was all over Eli. As far as I can tell, Chad’s biggest strength was not being Ereck Flowers.

Giants fans are getting a little too excited if you ask me. It took a damn near perfect performance by Eli for the Giants to get a win. They can’t expect Eli to complete almost all of his passes every week. There are still plenty of issues. It was nice to get a win but slow down with the “saved their season” talk.

Don’t get ahead of yourselves like Jets fans did after one good game by Sam Darnold. He’ll be fine, I think, but he’s got some Mark Sanchez in him.

Sorry, I only play with Brady

I have this nagging feeling that Aaron Rodgers is never going to be the same for more than short stretches. Let’s hope not.

I don’t think many people are even thinking about writing off the Patriots even though the signs of a soap opera meltdown are coming in fast and furious. But Satan always holds this team together.

They’re about to add one of the game’s best slot receivers and a true outside threat into the fold. This should open the middle up for Gronk and the running game. Maybe they’ll be able to keep the offense on the field for a few plays so their defense can rest.

The Giants/Saints game should be a real barn-burner with the Giants finding some offense and the Saints D turning back into a pumpkin. After one season with an actual defense, the Saints we know and love are back. Could the Giants climb back to .500?

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