Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, Who Should The Yankees Sign?

SPANISH HARLEM – The long awaited 2018 free agency is finally here, the fans and media have talked about this free agency as one of the best in years. The New York Yankees organization even reset their luxury tax issues for just that reason. They didn’t overspend last off season to be able to go over again if needed and while most pundits think the Yankees will not sign either of the big two of Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, they are the Yankees so anything is possible. While it will be difficult to sign both to mega contracts, one of them would make sense to have in that lineup.

Manny Machado 

At 26 years old, Manny Machado is one of the best players in baseball and a sure fire hall of famer if he can continue to produce the way he has. Once one of the greatest 3rd basemen in the game, he converted to shortstop last season to maximize his value at a premiere position. Some believe that he has better value at 3rd since he provided gold caliber defense but that’s neither here nor there. He is a shortstop now and any one willing to sign him will have to take that into account. The Yankees would love to sign him as a 3rd basemen but with Didi Gregorius out with Tommy John surgery, many think that he would be a perfect fit… but what happens when Didi gets back? Machado has not one any awards for best teammate and there may be problems if and when Gregorius gets back but Machado be willing to move back to 3rd? That’s a question the Yankees organization will have to discuss, internally and with his agent.

If Manny Machado is willing to do everything he can to win and get back to the World Series, it would be wise to bring him on board. Miguel Andujar can hit but his defense is extremely terrible, I know players can get better with more repetition but Andujar looks destined to be a first basemen at some point in his career. It would also free up opportunities for a trade because he does have a ton of value as a young hitter who has produced at the big league level. The Yankees need pitching and with Machado in the fold, Andujar could be traded for a top line starter.¬† While I don’t think the Yankees would go that route and sign Machado, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper’s name has been tied to the Yankees for as long as I can remember, with his father being a big Micky Mantle fan most people expected that Harper would one dawn the pinstripes. Time has changed that thought because Aaron Judge mans right field and is one of the best defensive right fielders in the game so Harper would have to convert to another spot in the outfield if he was to sign but that wouldn’t be the problem. Its the money that many people believe he will ask for.

In my opinion, I favor Harper over Machado and here’s why, he is a left handed hitter and would fit nicely in a righty stacked lineup between Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. It would be a lineup that would rival any in the league. Greg Bird was suppose to provided that left handed pop in the lineup but its looking more and more like that won’t happen. Bryce Harper has not hit for a high average the last two years but the power production is still there and it will be hard to pitch around him like they did in Washington. He would provided the left handed power that this team sorely lacked last season and he would be my pick if I was Brian Cashman. Many have stated that Harper is looking for something close to 400 Million in total salary but I’m not sure there are suitors if that number remains the same. If I was Cashman, I would see what interest Harper has in joining the Yankees and if they could find a match that benefits both parties involved.

The Yankees need pitching and they will sign or trade for someone they really want but adding Harper to that lineup would scare the bejesus out of any pitcher that would have to face the Yankees on any given day. The Yankees need to make a splash because it’s time to start winning championships again!

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