Damian Lillard is No Longer Underrated!

SPANISH HARLEMJESUS CHRIST!… that’s exactly what I said when I saw Damian Lillard hit that game-winning¬†shot from over 35 feet away on Paul George. It was an amazing game to watch and because it was on late, I’m sure many people went to bed on the east coast rather than watch an NBA playoff game. I don’t blame those that did but this was a game I didn’t want to miss.

I had caught highlights on ESPN and so I know how crazy this series was getting with the point guard match up. It seemed like Russell Westbrook and Lillard were enemies, just two guys who hated each other and really wanted to stick it to the other guy. It was fun to listen to the media talking about the games and the back and forth that was going on with each ¬†game between two great competitors. Two guys who love to win and hate hate hate to lose, it was a dream match-up for round 1 of the playoffs that came out of nowhere. Knowing what I knew, I had to watch a do or die game for the Oklahoma City Thunder, if the sh!t was as good as people were making it out to be in the media, I had to watch this game… because it might be the last game in the series. And BOY OH BOY, it did not disappoint, it was basketball at its most fun.

I picked the perfect game to watch, Damian Lillard was great all game and he stole the show at the end but there was also some great play by Westbrook and George on the Thunder and OKC was winning the game with minute to play but we all know how long one can be minute in the NBA. As you can imagine, Portland ties it but also you get some big shots from Paul George to give Oklahoma City two leads before they make a costly turnover and give the ball back to the Trailblazers with less than 10 seconds to go, then this happened (Now go back and go read the first words i wrote).

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