Palm Sunday Sports Moments You Can Own: Tiger, Knicks, Ed Cicotte, Lord Stanley Gronkowski

BOSTON, MA – We’re one week out from Easter, which can mean two things: A) Yours truly is only a week away from once again Drinking, Cursing & Lying, B) It’s Palm Sunday. While the former is definitely more significant in many ways, it’s the latter that serves as impetus for your Sunday sports entertainment. With that, are the Palm Sunday Sports Moments You Can Own: Tiger, Knicks, Ed Cicotte, Lord Stanley Gronkowski.

When you lose your wallet, just grab a “Charlie” ticket and your Passport and you’re good to go in Boston!

Tiger Woods: On this date in 2002, Eldrick Tont Woods became just the 3rd player to win back-to-back Masters Championships. This was prior to his hot Nordic wife taking a five-iron to his car.

Lord Stanley Gronkowski: Despite having won twelve Super Bowls (it’s two words everybody), Buffalo native Robert James Gronkowski won’t be 30 years-old until May 14th. Think about that. Also think about the fact that he is now the most famous – and liked – cheerleader for Cheesy Bruin’s Boston Bruins. Rumor has that the Sabres (and DJ Eberle) are not on speaking terms with the Bills today, cursing them for having not drafted Gronk, a lifelong Buffalo sports fan. SIDE NOTE: Yours truly is here in Beantown to call the game for the New England Freejacks on NESN Plus today and I must admit, they have the sports thing down here. I got to Back Bay Station and was surrounded by Red Sox and Bruins fans, along with Marathon partiers and Patriot’s Day festivities. And it was 70 degrees, so MUCH drunken skin was on display.

Knicks: On this day in 1968, the first NBA game was played at Madison Round Square Garden. I’ll be you can guess at least one. of the teams that played. No? Okay, it was the Knicks and their despised and villainous rival, the San Diego Clippers.

And finally…

Ed Cicotte: On this day in 1917, Space Cadet Ed no-hit the St Louis Browns (2nd worst name ever behind Cleveland’s Browns), 11-0. White Sox fans will love you if you bring it it up!

That’s it, come back tomorrow for the aforementioned Cheesy Bruin, debuting in his new Monday Morning Quarterback slot. That way he can tell us what we should have bet, not what to bet. Success all around!

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