Stupid Puig, Scalped Chiefs Reporter, Nets Haul Big Fish, Mets Tears

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NEW YORK, NY – Wow! We barely slept after all the excitement this weekend in the sports world, kicked off by Different Matt’s Puck Head piece on Friday and followed up by Rain Man Junoir Blaber’s eloquence yesterday. But dagnabbit, there are some other big stories to take a gander at: Stupid Puig, Chiefs Scalp Reporter, Nets Catch Big Fish, Mets Tears.

Stupid Puig: #StropTheLinsanity We have a new favorite baseball player, Pedro Strop, star of the above clip. How great is this guy? In a world of Bill Belichick and company-line interviews and post-game snooze-fests, Strop hits a grand salami. He calls a Yasiel Puig “stupid.” Thrice. You, sir, are now a god. On behalf of many, I thank you for making this Mets-tainted fan’s baseball fandom a little less gloomy… but more on that later.

Scalped Chiefs Reporter: Man, if Management fired a pundit every time he/she took a shot at the brass, this site would have gone down in flames 14 years ago. 14 years. But it took but a couple of douche-chill-inducing comments from a Sports Radio 810 WHB (810 AM) sports jock re Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid have the ax sever his job ties. Kevin Kietzman said Reid has had “a lot of things go bad on him: family and players. [Reid] is not good at fixing people.” Football aside, Reid’s son died of  a heroin overdose back in 2012.  Should the guy have been fired? One could argue that #POTUS has said far worse.

kyrie_irving, brooklyn_nets, gil_hodges, mickey_callaway, Meet_The_Matts, Mets, Jason_Vargas
Thanks to for Kyrie pic. Check ’em out!

Nets Catch Big Fish: Okay, so he’s not the next coming of NJ Nets legend, Dr. J., but it’s still a big fish for the team now in Brooklyn. And this is no air-ball. And granted, Kyrie Irving is no Julius Erving (same pronunciation, folks) but he is a very talented basketball player… with issues. He couldn’t co-exist with Lebron Le Bron LeBron James in Cleveland and he fought with coaches, players and management in Boston. That’s not good and does not bode well out of the gate. But the guy is from NJ and we all know that Cleveland sucks in the winter and #BostonSucks year round, so maybe there’s hope yet. He’s also pals with Kevin Durant, but they haven’t had to share a basketball yet. Stay tuned.

Mets Tears: If you were like me and was home sticking to your couch from heat and no air-conditioning (hurts the shoulder), watching the remaining 1969 New York Mets at CitiField for their 50th anniversary, you likely cried numerous times. In only a way Mets fans can understand, the organization had everyone crying for the deceased and cursed, Tom Seaver. AFTER THAT, they played a game. And more tears followed as the misused bullpen again coughed up what would have been a morale-boosting win. Instead, it was just another mind-numbing loss. How many of these render a mind fully numb, by the way? Ugh. Everybody kept talking about Gil Hodges and then you look into the dugout and see Mickey Callaway. Oy. Vey.

That’s it for now. For those of you imbibing, enjoy the parade. I’ll be on the hill at Joe Austin, dodging line drives back at the originator against a team of young Moises Alous padding their stats. And speaking of peeing on your hands to make them tougher, come back for our Alou, Cheesy Bruin, tomorrow.

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