NFL Trade Deadline, GM Tirades, Is Buffalo In NY?


EL BARRIO, EL FALLS –  Another beautiful week is in the books. This means I am up and there is not much to touch on. I will skip the World Series cause I really haven’t been paying attention. The NBA season just started so we have like 9 month before the games matter. Hockey can wait and no Soccer today. With that, here are the topics for today: NFL Trade Deadline, GM Tirades, Is Buffalo In NY?.

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NFL Trade Deadline: The NFL Trade Deadline is coming up and it time to think what the two New York Teams should do. Both the Jets and the Giants should be sellers, however, the NFL trade deadline is not like how it is in the other major sports, you are rarely gonna get a big deal to change or help clinch the season. With that said, I think the Giants should be looking to deal Eli Manning. I say send him to Indianapolis or maybe KC could use him while they wait for Mahomes to get healthy. With a decent O-line he can still sling the ball around so he should have value and maybe they can get some picks in return to improve the defense. As for the Jets, defensive line Leonard Williams seems to be the best bait they have. I say they should send him to a team with a top rated CB and see if they pick one of those up.

GM Tirades: So the Astros Assistant GM had a tirade and lost his job. This is on the back of the LA Sparks of the WNBA having had their GM go on a tirade and lost her job. I mean really, GMs going on tirades, just looks so bad and I mean these people are suppose to be the less emotional more rational people and they seem crazier than an outhouse rat. But why are they being interviewed at all? Stay behind the scenes and lets keep it moving.

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Is Buffalo Part of NY?: Courtesy of the Boomer and Gio morning show, there was a question as to whether Buffalo is part of New York and people lost their mind. The problem I have with being up here is people in Buffalo say they are the only real New York team as they play in the state. However, they don’t play in Buffalo!!! They should be called the Orchard Park Bills. And what makes it worse is Buffalo has plenty of space to have a stadium built! I mean the Baseball Stadium and the Arena are both in downtown, in the heart of the city so why can’t the football stadium!?! I mean I understand suburbs and white flight and all but they have no real excuse. Meanwhile an insanely dense city like NY had to go out of the city to find a space worth building a stadium at and they settled for a swamp.

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