Yankees Expectations vs Health, More Astros Poop

SPANISH HARLEM – Yeah, everybody and their sister (including everybody here) has offered their two cents on the Houston Astros and the cheating scandal but sorry, I have to chime in.We’ll have that, plus a look at the team that was arguably impacted the most by this debacle, the Bronx Bombers.

ASTROS: You have a right to be mad and you should despise them for what they did but what you shouldn’t be mad that the league decided to treat the scandal the way they did. I, for one, am not surprised at all.

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The commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, has sidestepped many issues with his tone on the subject and the penalties he levied on Houston. I knew they would eventually keep their World Series Championship. Never in a million years would MLB penalize them to that degree by taking it way. While there are many people around the league that feel cheated and think they should be stripped of their title, it wasn’t. And it isn’t going happen. It sucks for baseball because with more news and videos that show up, the more questions are asked and the angrier people and players get.

I’m done with it. I don’t care anymore and I will move past this like I did the steroids era. Baseball is still my favorite sport and though I wish the penalties were harsher, I won’t cry about it. I am enjoying the embarrassment that the Astros are going through, even from their owner, Jim Crane. The balls on that guy  and the fact that he made it worse, showed me he was in on it all along. That press conference told me all I needed to know; they cheated and they didn’t care. So, with that, let’s move on to other news.

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The Yanks have faced their share of bad news in the injury department last season. They had a great record and they won games with guys you never heard of but you can’t expect that to happen again this season. That’s why Brian Cashman overhauled the strength and conditioning department. Its important to have your best players on the field on a consistent basis. We all know injuries will happen but what you don’t want to see is a guy out for months – and that is exactly what happened to James Paxton.

If the organization knew he had this injury in the postseason last year and managed it the way they did, how I am supposed to believe that this new group will be any better that the one that preceded it? Who’s fault is this? Why is he having surgery now when this could of have been done in the off season? I want to believe that we will be healthier this year – that Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge will finally play a full season in pinstripes. But Judge is currently on the mend with a shoulder issue and we haven’t even started playing any fake games yet. It’s a long spring and I hope I’m wrong, that I’m over reacting and this group is on the right track to start the season. You can’t expect lightning to strike twice.

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