Slow Sunday Sports Musings

BLOOMINGBURG, NY – If it’s even possible, I’m feeling less motivated than usual. It pains me to think of something to write about while watching the Bruins-Isles matinee, so I’m just going to ramble about a few things.

Last night’s fractured foot will keep the New York Rangers from qualifying for the NHL postseason. This bad luck suffered by smoking-hot Chris Kreider on top of the off-ice exploits of the Brighton Beach Crash Dummies (Buchnevich and Shesterkin) is too much for the Blueshirts to overcome. And why the hell is Dave Quinn penciling in Georgiev every single game including back to backs with no relief from Henrik (King of No Cups) Lundqvist? I got your answer and it has everything to do with a form of punishment for the veteran netminder for not willing to budge in retiring a Ranger and seeking out a run at winning the prized trophy. The Rangers re-boot is going well and as soon as they figure out things on the back end they’ll be fine.

Bernard Goetz justice is alive and well in Spring Training baseball and yours – a noted punch-ball cheat – as Angry Ward has mentioned on numerous occasions, have little problem with Houston Astros batters getting plunked at bat as payback for their complex sign-stealing scheme. Screw ’em. How long this goes on for is the question and what the penalty for the beanballers will be.

How’s the XFL Part Deux going jgclancy? Asking for nobody in particular but this is unchartered territory in a rival sports league taking a second crack at the monopoly that is the NFL. The Underwear Olympics are underway in middle America and my best guess is there are more viewers with eyes on Indianapolis than wherever they’re playing semi-pro football. While speaking of the combine, I don’t care how fast you run but if you can’t catch – what good are your feet? For every Tyriek Hill there are ten Johnny “Lam” Jones and John Ross’.

How many words am I up to?  Jeez, only 341.  WTF!  Basketball. How many wins do the Knicks have?  Who is the odds on favorite to win the ship?  I ask not that I care but out of curiosity if anyone truly knows the answers.

Giancarlo Stanton is turning into some gaucho named Cespedes.  Stanton reminds me of baseball’s version of NFL quarterback Chris Chandler, who could have thrown 80+ touchdown passes if he stayed healthy and knew what defenses were doing.  Yes, that’s a dig at Giancarlo, who boasted about his home run total if he knew what pitches were coming.  A short time later he winds up injured and the only Giancarlo he may hit more homers than this year is Esposito.

Do The Right Thing and comment below, as I have fallen twenty words short of what’s expected.

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