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Lions Feedin’ Us Soup, Mrs Ovechkin, Cubs Cut Curse-Killer

January 22, 2021 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – While The Rona continues to wreak havoc on us socially, at least we do have a full slate of sports stuff […]

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Daniel Murphy, Landry Jones and Chuck Pagano

October 19, 2015 West Coast Craig 10

FLUSHING, NY – Lawd Have Murphy! … That was the name of the 1985 Eddie Murphy tour. I got a souvenir t-shirt from the Binghamton […]

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Hot Stove Rumors and Hopes: A-Rod, Lester, Shields, Wally, Bobby V

October 24, 2014 Matt McCarthy 18

NEW YORK, NY – Historically, October hasn’t been a good baseball month but for many MLB fans across the MLB Universe. While the Yankees, Braves, […]

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When Baseball Cheating Is Okay

October 25, 2013 The Matts 10

“If you are going to cheat in baseball, do it the way that they have been doing it for a century: doctor the baseball! Jon […]

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Hey, Joe… Where You Goin’ With That Ban In Your Hand?

October 27, 2011 The Matts 20

“I heard you shot your players down… shot ’em down to the ground.” ATLANTIC CITY, NJ –  If the Jimi Hendrix thing doesn’t get through […]

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September 5, 2011 West Coast Craig 22

HOLLYWOOD STAR LANES, CA  – The Mets have a guy named Duda. Why haven’t I been informed? Has everyone already put the word “bides” after […]

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