Jimmy Kimmel, Mets, Meet_The_Matts, Trevor Herrick, Replacement_Matt, Steve_Cohen

Breaking Mets News: Bidding Opens Up. Cohen Back At Table. Jimmy Kimmel 30 for 30 on ’86 Mets

July 10, 2020 Replacement Matt 0

COVIDIA, USA – Welcome to Friday folks. We’ve made it through another week without being besieged by Boogaloo Bois and Karens, congratulations! Anyway… As the […]

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Ben_Whitney, Dave Gettleman, Meet_The_Matts, Henrik_Lundquist, John_Kruk, Josh_Allen

Big Ben Tuesday: Looking For a Return to Normalcy Through New York Sports

April 14, 2020 Ben Whitney 1

Quarantine Log – Week 72, Day 4,209. My yard has never looked so good. I’ve listened to a year’s worth of saved podcasts and binge […]

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Cheesy_Bruin, Mets, Cespedes, Rangers, Boston Bruins, NHL Picks, Meet_The_Matts2

Painkillers, Cespedes, Bruins at Rangers Means $$$

February 16, 2020 Cheesy Bruin 0

SHOHOLA, PA – Here I lay, prone from a trip to the Bronx Zoo after a great deal of walking on an already balky back […]

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Spring Training Angst?! POTUS Bellinger, Apologetic Mets

February 15, 2020 Matt McCarthy 0

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – The rose pedals are still on the satin sheets. The half-eaten box of chocolates lies open on the coffee table. […]

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Yoenis_Cespedes, Mets, JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, Richard Sherman, Matt_McCarthy, Meet_The_Matts, NFL Playoffs, Texans

Yoenis “Wild Boars” Cespedes, Whitney Mercilus, Richard Sherman, J.J. Watt

January 4, 2020 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY¬† -It’s dreary Saturday here in the Big Apple and yours truly is drearily hungover after being over-served at a business “lunch,” followed […]

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Meet_The_Matts, Yoenis_Cespedes, Jacoby_Ellsbury, Yankees, Trevor_Herrick, Phil_Jackson, Knicks, Mets

Replacement Matt: Cespedes Contract Reduced, Ellsbury, Phil Jackson To Follow?

December 20, 2019 Replacement Matt 0

WEST BROOKLYN, NJ – Happy Holidays and all that to you my friends. Welcome to the most stressful time of the year. Scramble to get […]

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Big Ben Tuesday: Despite Key Injuries, “Next Man Up” Yankees Bludgeon the Red Sox

August 6, 2019 Ben Whitney 0

Bronx, NY: With New York Yankees’ smack down of the BoSox over the weekend, you might expect a little gloating from me. Well, you’ve come […]

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NY_Post, Mickey_Callaway, Meet_The_Matts, Mets, Cheesy_Bruin, Rich Perlongo

Can Second Fiddle Mets Make MLB Playoffs, After Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas Exlpode?

June 24, 2019 Cheesy Bruin 0

BLOOMINGBURG, NY – It has to be difficult to share the same city with the New York Yankees, especially when it seems as though the […]

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Big Ben: Die Hard Proves NHL Superior to MLB

June 18, 2019 Ben Whitney 0

STAMFORD, CT – As superfan Laila kissed the Cup during the Blues’ championship celebration, a tear rolled down my face. This was the first tear […]

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Biggest Sports Lie of the Year, David Wright’s Return, Pro Rugby in NYC

May 23, 2019 The Matts 1

NEW YORK, NY – As Replacement Matt has his hands full working with Tall Matt and Short Matt (me) on a commercial, he asked one […]

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