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Cheesy Bruin

This past week Angry Ward sent some flattering words, which I thank you for, about my NFL Picks on MTM every Sunday. After further review of these prognostications the percentage is still at 67% with the mark at 30-15, with a breakdown as follows:

Favorites: 8-4 Underdogs: 8-3 Over: 5-6 Under: 9-2

What you see is what you get at the very low price of hitting our website and spending no more than five minutes reading the column. What you won’t get with my selections is this:

Today we hit the winner board with…

Favorite: The New England Patriots have answered the bell to make a statement when needed; Thanksgiving versus the bombastic Jets, after a two-game September skid against the Bills, against Denver and Peyton Manning, and against the upstart Colts & Andrew Luck. Surprisingly, the Pats haven’t been showcased on prime time this year as much as one would thin. They had an early season Sunday night affair with the Ravens and the Turkey Day Jets game. With Monday Night Football games having been lame so far, tomorrow night’s clash between the host Patriots and the 1-loss Houston Texans gets the Pats on prime time while also giving us something good to watch. This will be the Texans 4th of 5 games on the road and they have the Colts on deck. A confident Texans team, with expectations of getting to the Super Bowl, will have something to think about after a loss at the hands of Bill Belichick – who intends to plant a seed of doubt in the Houston aspirations. Pats -3 ½

Underdog: Rather than giving away one of my point spread formulas, just keep in mind that pressure plays a part in who wins and loses on Sundays, and at times accumulating “W’s” add to the pressure of making a playoff push. For a young QB and team like the Colts and Andrew Luck, the pressure may get to this emotional bunch as they begin to understand the importance of the final month’s games. On the other side of the ball today are the Tennessee Titans, who have the offensive talent to play fast and loose and have nothing left to lose in an otherwise horrible season. Luck squeezes the ball a bit, the WR’s aren’t as precise, and the Titans let it all hang out. Titans +5 ½.

Over: These bets have kept the winning percentage down and looking for points today wasn’t easy as four contests are in the 50+ range and makes things even tougher. The Jets have very recently run the ball up their own a$$ and come off of a 7-6 win. On five occasions they’ve scored 10 points or less… so far. The Jaguars aren’t much better but have shown more offensive promise with Chad Henne. Fingers crossed for OVER 38.

Under: Being a Cowboys fan, I have a somewhat objective read on the team as far as Las Vegas goes. An 8-8 team who will be around those same numbers against the spread, Dallas has been leaking on the defensive side and Cincinnati has been dictating their games on a grinding, workmanlike offense. As long as this contest doesn’t turn into a game where Dallas needs to pass on every down to play catch up, the UNDER 45 ½ is the play.
(I like the way the Cowboys look in the “2nd half.”)

The Public Professor tomorrow.

P.s… Check out DJ Eberle’s 3 NFL Picks at as well.

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  • Man Boobs

    Just getting in after late night in Vegas and because Matt says you are good, I am betting your picks. I am also betting that Mark Sanchez stays in the game.

    • There are no late nights in Vegas, just very, very long days. If Sanchez plays the whole game, the Jets will lose more often than not. P.s… Do you wear a manzier or a bro?

    • Hope you’re hopping on the train at the right time, Boobs. Had Matt been investing $100 per game he’d be up $1500 and the MTM Holiday party would be paid for. Just sayin’.

  • Big Fat Toad

    I like those Tetons… I mean Tits… I mean Titans…

    • The MTM Censors are in a tizzy but “Tits” are birds, so you get off…

  • Cheese Man… You’re objectivitive as a Dallas fan??? What the Sam Hill does that mean?! More condescending Cowboy Crap… Troy Aikman is almost 50. He won your last Super Bowl. That’s objectivity for you! And one more thing… Is Stu Feiner “Crazy Eddie’s” kid?

    • That means there are very few of us who know football and don’t sugar coat Dallas’ play with Blue starred glasses.
      Stu Feiner is an example of what happens when you don’t take your meds. No relation to Crazy Eddie.

  • jgclancy

    My one message for the week…Go Vikings!!!
    Well two messages…”bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good…”

    • MartyStein9er

      That’s 3 messages… But I like Minny too.

    • I have a better read on pork than I do on the Vikings this year, Clancy. Menu suggestions for you today: Breakfast- bacon and eggs w/ toast, Lunch- Cuban sandwich, Dinner-Ravioli w/ sausage.

  • vinny from brooklyn

    sanchez just needs to go. jet fans are rooting against him now.

    • Which is why he’ll actually put some points on the board–for the Jets.

      • AngryWard

        Can’t believe I am saying this but, I think that Jets/Jags over is a good play.

        • Baseball Lifer

          Wanna bet?

  • buffalobilly84

    C’mon Bills! We have a lead!

  • Big Blue 56

    How many Cowboy fans are in Cincy? The crowd roars when Dallas makes a play.

  • Holy shit! Terry Bradshaw looks like he’s on the verge of death. Shows how much I watch the pre and post game shows.

    • WestCoastCraig

      I flipped past Real Sports the other night and thought I saw Vincent Price’s corpse…but it turned out to be Frank Deford.

  • Grote2Dmax

    Rams are still in it with a squeaker of a win over Buffalo Billy’s Bills. Spags is now working his defensive magic for New Orleans, giving up 50 points regularly.

  • Wisconsin Walt

    Packers win! Ugly is beautiful at Lambeau!

  • I need fantasy football help, after losing my shirt so many times, I had to stop using real money!!

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