Ebs’ Fantasy Baseball Tips For Success and Babes

WILKES-BARRE, PA – I could have went a lot of ways with this column.

The New York Yankees continue to stay red got. The New York Mets do not.

Aaron Judge: King of New York &  Fantasy Baseball superstar

I wholeheartedly believe that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to take the Golden State Warriors to seven games and successfully defend their crown.

Oh, it’s the heart of the NFL offseason, and probably the most boring part of the year football-wise, but while I have trouble believing that the Buffalo Bills will win eight games this year, the future is definitely bright.

But I’m going in a different direction. Fantasy Baseball.

As we approach the third month of the baseball season, this is make-or-break time for a lot of teams. I’m going to provide three players you should trade for (a pitcher, infielder and outfielder) and one you should trade away. These types of moves can point you in the right direction as you aim for your league’s title.

Here we go… But the “babes” part was a lie.

Pitcher: Toronto SP Aaron Sanchez

At this point fantasy owners are probably so frustrated with Aaron Sanchez and his blisters, that his price tag won’t be nearly as high as it should be. But it’s important to remember that he’s still a top-25 starting pitcher.

The one worry about Sanchez this year was his innings limit. Since he’s landed on the DL so frequently he’ll likely be able to pitch longer this season than expect, eliminating the cause for concern.

Even though he’s been injured often, he’s been effective when he’s been on the mound. Landing on the DL on May 20, he’s expected to return soon.

Blisters are fluky. I wouldn’t expect this to keep popping up.

Infielder: Chicago White Sox 3B Yoan Moncada

Chicago White Sox top prospect Yoan Moncada is tearing it up in Triple-A ball. And if you want to make your move, the time is now. 

I’d expect him to be called up by the end of June and if he starts off on a hot streak, you’ll have to pay an enormous price to deal for him in your league.

Your time is running out. Personally, I’d trade a guy like Dustin Pedroia or even a young gun like Alex Bregman or Dansby Swanson for Moncada in a heartbeat.

I’d also offer a top-40 starting pitcher as well.

Outfielder: Pittsburgh Pirates CF Starling Marte

I made the move for Starling Marte in three of the four leagues I’m in over a month ago.

If your confident you can stay afloat and bite the bullet until Marte returns, its completely worth it. Especially in a keeper league. This is a move for owners who believe they’re in it to win it.

It shouldn’t take much to trade for Marte. I traded Jacoby Ellsbury for the Pittsburgh Pirate a couple of days after he was suspended. But you have to move fast. The longer you wait the higher the asking price will rise as Marte nears his return.

Trade Away: Boston Red Sox RP Craig Kimbrel 

What? Craig Kimbrel?

I know, but hear me out. While Kimbrel is having an incredible season, top-flight closers are the worst type of high-end players you want to own. You can find saves in free agency relatively easy. Not to mention closers often fill just one category.

In theory, you should be able to trade a guy like Kimbrel for a top bat – say a Josh Donaldson or Edwin Encarnacion – and an above-average closer – a Corey Knebel or Rasiel Iglesias.

If you can pull off a move like that, it’s an automatic.

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