why meetthematts will take off

Meetthematts are finally getting it! The more this site talks about and endorses the YANKEES the more success it will have. I have been a silent observer of this site since its inception, and I thought it was high time to wade in. The Matts are generally very funny guys, but The Mets have been the anchor around their funny bone. This sites improvement both technically and intellectually has skyrocketed with Yankee Fan input. Lets face it everything gets better when the Yankees are winning, and Yankees fans expect to win. The Yankee fan is more upbeat because they know its just a matter of time before their boys are going to bring another World Series trophy home to The Bronx. This sense of optimism is contagious, and is a breeding ground for great comedy. great example of Yankee Karma is this last run in the stock market. Is it no coincidence that the stock market’s Bull run is step for step with Yanks red hot May. This is something that happens quite often by the way. Everything seems calm when the Yankees are winning because we are all so use to it.  People just feel more at ease talking about perennial winners. I don’t have to tell anybody what happened the last time the Mets were reigning World Series Champs…that’s rite the stock market crash of 1987. I know its not fare that God made some of us Yankee fans and others Met fans, but there has to be winners and losers in life. Thanks for taking your head out of the Jamaica,Queens sand Matts. Aligning yourselves with a class organization like The Yankees will ensure a bright future for The MATTS. Great Job!!!  -BronxMoose

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