By Rex O’Rourke

NEW YORK, NY – Nothing but picks this week folks. I’m picking them all. My best three will appear in the last paragraph and count against my season total. The rest are just for fun. As George Carlin used to say, “My rules. I make ‘em up”.

Now, take a knee and listen up.

  • Despite their good showing against Dallas my head says take The Eagles (+1) over The GIANTS.
  • I love The Jets (-3) over The BUCCANEERS as Kellen Clemens takes care of the football.
  • I’ll take The CHIEFS (pk) over The Bills with the theory that if two awful teams are playing, take the home team.
  • As much as I don’t want to see it (for the Giant’s sake) I think The Packers (-3) will get it done on the road against The BEARS.
  • I will reluctantly lay the big number with The Saints (-10.5) over The FALCONS only because the game is in a dome and they want to prove last week’s near debacle was a fluke. I wouldn’t touch this game with a ten foot pole.
  • In another one I don’t care for, I’d take The Dolphins (+2.5) over The JAGUARS in the battle of the Sunshine State.
  • I have a hard time believing The PATRIOTS (-13.5) are laying that much against The Panthers. New England is just not that good anymore. It’s a spread based on reputation alone. Take the points.
  • This next one is a classic Heart versus Head pick. I want them to lose but I must select The COWBOYS (-3) over The Chargers.
    1. cg10-12-08groupshot4lyingdownjpg.jpg
      Cowboy Cheerleaders are great but so are The Charger Girls
  • I thought this would be Houston’s breakout year. Now I’m not so sure. The TEXANS (-6) and The Seahawks is another one to stay away from. Take the points, as well, if you must.
  • Indy cooled them off last week and the number looks a little large for my taste, so stay away from The TITANS (-13) and The Rams. If you must wager (Grote?) take the points.
  • This next one almost made my top three. I like The Redskins (-1) over The RAIDERS. They are the best of the bad teams.
  • The Cardinals (-3) over The 49ERS is another one I like that just didn’t make the cut. Although San Francisco is a good home dog, I think Arizona is rolling. Lay the points.
    1. nfl-logo2.jpg

    As for the real picks: Have we witnessed the beginning of the late season Brett Favre fade out? I think so. The VIKINGS (-6.5) and The Bengals looks like a good game. Take the Bengals. They’ll lose in a squeaker. I like The Broncos (+7) over The COLTS in another close one. Now call me crazy, but in my “Lock of the Century of the Week”, I’ll take The Lions (+13.5) over The RAVENS. I stand at 26-11-2.

    Happy Holidays,

      Goodbye, Charger Girls…
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    • Yankee Joe

      Thanks. I threw up my eggs watching The Fumble. Even the M-A-R-K-S wouldnt blow that one. And Cookie – I get a back rub for being first!

    • jgclancy

      It’s 9 am and a little Christmas?/Chanukah?/Festivus? elf (aka my sister) has left coffee and rolls on my doorstep so I don’t have to go outside while I rest and fight off throat infection. Sweet……………

      Most picks are good Rex..especially the ones you say don’t touch. I have KC, Washington (they’ve killed me three weeks in a row and now that I bet them I’m sure they will do it again by losing) and I took Texans only because they are home and Seattle just has no steam left.

      I really want the Chargers to beat Dallas.

      Watched It’s A Wonderful Life last night…..good as ever…cough cough hack wheeze…damned throat.

      I changed George Carlin’s line when I say it to:
      ” I don’t make the rules…..oh …wait a minute…yes I do!”

    • Yankee Joe and jgclancy making the Early Show on a Sunday! Wow! Perhaps YJ can bring the ailing jgclancy some chicken soup and watch the games with him???
      Rex O’Rourke: Nice job going out on the limb with all games. We’re picking the Chargers. By the way, what BLEEP is a Charger.

    • jgclancy

      I believe the Chargers name is for a horse. I think when they originated in LA they let the fans come up with the name. Original helmet has a horse head and lightning bolt.

      I don’t really like chicken soup although I do make it for others. I prefer minestrone from scratch.

    • jgclancy

      P.S.–checked around the “Al Gore Internet” and found the name.
      Gerald Courtney won an all expenses trip to Mexico City and Acapulco for submitting the name “Chargers” in a contest.

    • RickyPinetar

      Rex, I know its crazy but I gotta a feeling about the Raiders. Nobody thinks they have a shot but something tells me they are going to win. I am 10 games under .500 this year though.
      jgclany, does the info say what a Charger is?

    • jgclancy

      CHARGERS – The Los Angeles AFL franchise held a contest in 1960. Hollywood resident Gerald Courtney was awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico City and Acapulco after submitting Chargers. Three reasons for choosing Chargers have been offered – it sounded dynamic; the club’s new stationary featured a horse; and owner Baron Hilton had recently instituted the Carte Blanche charge card. The team kept the name when it moved to San Diego the following year.
      I think the fan just came up with the name and managment the logo correlations. Another one has it the GM liked it when, at Dodger games, they played the horns and the fans yelled “Charge” !

      Of course, my definition of a ” charger” is the big plate under the small plate during a formal meal’s first course.

    • Grote2Dmax

      Rex – I am taking the Rams in my pick ’em all pool because I almost always take double digit points, especially when a sub .500 team is laying them. I am certainly hoping for them to lose out and the Bucs to win a game so the Rams can get that beast Suh out of Nebraska. I did take the Lions but went against you in the other two – though I should switch looking at your documented record. What is your take on Turner Gill leaving your U of Buffalo for the Kansas job?

    • buffalobilly84

      Rex, the Bills will win easily because they are happy not to be in snowshoes. They are also handing us the spin that the Bills and Chiefs won five of the last 10 AFL championships…

    • buffalobilly84

      P.s… Turner Gill – DEAD!

    • Sams A Fan

      If I watch the Giants tonight they’ll lose, if I don’t (and it’s the season finale of Dexter, so there’s an hour away from the game if I can make the sacrifice for the greater good) they have a chance.

    • West Coast Craig

      I’m with you on a lot of these…though I’m taking the points in just about every game today, and went with the +160 money line on the Chargers, keep running up that credit card debt!

    • bosoxbruins04

      Sam, TIVO baby, TIVO… And Jason Bay took one step closer to being a Met. He turned down the Sox offer.

    • Dr. Diz

      Buffalo Bill,

      Why the comment on Gill? What, he’s supposed to pass up a chance to coach in the Big 12 and stay in the MAC at UB for one third the salary?

      GIve him some props and wish him the best. Now UB needs to get another guy who can continue to move the program forward; taking a look at the coach of 1-AA Villanova might be expedient.

    • jgclancy

      Philly-Giants game is now a must win for the Giants I think. A loss puts them two games back to Philly and Green Bay in the wildcard hunt. No bueno if that happens.
      I’m with Dr. Diz on the Gill move.

    • Grote2Dmax

      Ouch Rex 0-3. Not to rub it in but I went 8 for 10 on the early games only losing with your Lions and the Pats (why did I give 13.5).

    • jgclancy

      My sister, who brought my rolls this morning, picked 3 of 3 with Vikes, GB and Jets….she made a nice penny on that slip.

    • jgclancy

      And he knocked T.O. from the record to boot..nice!

    • Finns

      Good stuff Rexy

    • jgclancy

      That early goal line stand by the Chargers was awesome.

    • Rex O Rourke

      0-3. I was due! DOH!!!

    • Grote2Dmax

      Followed up my 8 – 2 start with a 1 – 2 finish. My Rams stink why did I go with them.

    • Corporal Agorn

      Eli sucks in the red zone. I dare someone to take up this argument. He plain out blows. The Super Bowl victory was God smiling on us Giants fans because we are smart enough to see a fluke when we see it. We are doomed to a mediocre QB for years to come.

    • Rex O Rourke

      The Giants lost that game with 1:45 left in the First half. What the heck were they doing calling a timeout on the Eagle 5 yard line. All that does is give McNab time to operate and score before halftime. Lousy clock management. Didn’t Coughlin learn anything from the “Clockmaster” Bill Parcells

    • acegrocki

      I called and emailed the Chargers and tried to get them to explain their name and they basically have no explanation. I understand the name to represent the actual lightning bolt. I have also heard mention that a “Charger” is someone who works for the power company the same way that an “Oiler” works in the oil fields and a “Steeler” works in the steel works making steel.

    • Junior Blaber

      The Jets were and easy pick although we all thought Pittsburgh were better than the Raiders and Browns

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