The Big Least Implosion: College Football Doomed By TV


Angry Ward doing volunteer work.

“All because the leagues that make up the sport have been rearranging themselves like a cheap date at the end of a long night of drinking, trying to get the attention of Mr. TV.” -Dr. Diz

FORT WORTH, TX – One of the sucky things about the increasing commercialization of all sports has been the chucking of tradition for the almighty dollar. Or Yen. Or Euro.

Rugby used to be all amateur. It was kinda cool to watch Wales play England and the TV announcers would also say the chap’s profession as they announced them at the beginning of the game. “Halsey works at the apothecary but he hopes to one day be a barrister.

No more. They professionalized the game and changed a bunch of rules to make it more TV friendly. Resulting in much more rugby on the tube. The day of the amateur is long gone and with that comes a marked reduction in club players at all levels in all rugby playing countries. This is good for the advertisers… and bad for the average rugby playing schmoe.

The NHL? Those idiots are committing sport relevance hari kari over the money.

And in college football, hallowed rivalries have gone the way of truthful politicians, sacrificed to the altar of mo’ moolah. Penn State versus Pitt is no more. Texas against Texas A&Mnada.

The Sooners we gets to see them, the better off we’ll be.

Oklahoma versus Nebraska…see ya later. All because the leagues that make up the sport have been rearranging themselves like a cheap date at the end of a long night of drinking, trying to get the attention of Mr. TV.

No league has been pillaged as much, however, as the Big East, aka the Big Least.

BC, Virginia Tech and Miami left a few years back. West Virginia exited this past year. Louisville, Pitt and Syracuse are leaving this next year for the ACC. Rutgers is going to the Big Ten (where they will get their ass handed to them). And now, the seven non-football schools, which make up the bulk of the leagues basketball powers, are also leaving.

The Big East will thus be reduced to a league that has only two members actually in the Northeast; Temple and U Conn. And watch the Huskies and Cincy go… probably to the ACC and Big 12 respectively.


Click the picture to learn about Husky Honor. It’s so lame it’s worth checking out.

One of the most prestigious conferences in college has been disassembled, with the other conferences feasting on its carcass and picking it clean. Yummy.

So now Eastern football has faded from relevance on the national stage. All of the programs are lesser actors to entrenched regional rivalries in the leagues that have picked them up.

Which is kinda sad.

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  • DannyBax

    The Big East and the NL could both be the Big Least. Mets are trading Dickey for Ryan Thomspon and Jeff Kent – but they’ll trade him for nothing.

    • vinny from brooklyn

      dickey is going this morning. that sucks.

    • Meet The Matts

      Dickey for a catcher that has already had major knee surgery? But he’s got a French last name, so… Wait, name the French Hall Of Famers….

  • Fed Up

    What exactly is the NHL thinking?! They’ve been down this road before and learned nothing? It’s complete insanity.

    • doc diz

      they will be an afterthought except for canada after this is over

    • Meet The Matts

      It’s beyond comprehension that it lasted more than a week.

    • Junoir Blaber

      What makes you assume they are thinking?

  • Cam_James

    Since when was the east coast ever good at football? Acc vs sec is the most lopsided conference vs conference statistic in football. Big east is a joke always was. As for the rivalries I’m not concerned. They will all come back in the form of non conference games or selected bowl matchups. Hence the cotton bowl.

    Texas sucks. Mack brown is an idiot. Muschamp was all yet had going for them.

    Auburn will win 10 games in a year under malzhan. Bielema will be a coordinator at western Michigan in 3 years.

    • Meet The Matts

      Doug Flutie vs Vinny Testaverde? Does that count as Big East football? And those are some interesting predictions. Malzhan is the man?

    • doc diz

      Syracuse won a antional championship in 59 and was always in a bowl, Pitt in 76, Penn State won a couple, one in 82 and 86…WVU was a perenial bowl team, BC were decent…Marino, Flutie, Dorsett, Romanowski, Jim Brown, Czonka, Harrison, McNab, are all from back East. There was plenty of tradition rich football there.

  • Cheesy Bruin

    Makes you appreciate the Army-Navy game even more! And on that that, thanks for your heroism and valor in battle, Nick. The girls enjoyed time with you. Godspeed.

  • Junoir Blaber

    Diz, I suggest you stop talking bad about Rugby. Professionalism was good for the game, it had some bad things but good overall.

    I love the Big East and support Syracuse. Football became King and Basketball fell behind. The math is simple. One home game gets you a crowd of 80-100K but a basketball game only gets you 20K

    • doc diz

      professionalism took the game away from the players. used to be no substituions, players made all the decisions, forwards were encouraged to play. now it’s open subs which makes it a coaches game, forward play has been taken out of it…and club rugby participation is down in all countries, with the exception of the kiwis. i know it has a bigger profile now, but from a players perspective, the old amatuer days were much, much better. teams dont go on tours and the like anymore…because it is now all about the money

      • Junoir Blaber

        Well I will give you proper scrums, rucking and Jerseys but that is about it. Forward play is still important, but size does dominate over skill.

  • AngryWard

    That USC cheerleader is purdy but not near enough meat on her bones. I’d like to take her out for a couple of cheeseburgers and talk trojans.

    • Amy2ndRow

      What is that perv doing kneeling in front of her? Is a porn movie or is it really a cheerleader? :-)

  • Meet The Matts

    Canada wants our Dickey! What’s next? Our Putz?! Send them a Swisher!

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