Annoyed Ward Saturday: Let’s Talk Some Frogging Sports!


BRONX, NY – You know what I dislike more than having to write a Wednesday column on a Tuesday night after a full day of work and picking my kid up from school and making dinner and getting her to bed and walking the dog and putting out the trash? It’s coming to this site on a Saturday and seeing absolutely nothing as of 11:15 pm. Here goes nothing.

Baby Bombers Babysitter Girardi Let them Soil Themselves. There’s nothing like a big league manager who develops a way of doing things, a “formula” if you will, and sticks with it no matter what. Yanks manager Joe Girardi pulled CC Sabathia out of yesterday’s Game 2 in Cleveland simply because that’s the way he’s done it all year. Never mind that the Indians couldn’t touch him or that the Yankees bullpen was already taxed or that the Bombers were comfortably ahead 8-3. Joe G got out the hook and we all know the rest. I think the Yanks can bounce back and win Game 3 but, make no mistake, this loss is going to stick with them. But it really doesn’t matter because…

The Houston Astros Are Gonna Win it All. Jose Altuve is proving that he is the MVP, and the Astros are destroying the Red Sox. Ain’t life great? I really think Houston is going to win the World Serious. Their lineup is formidable and their starting pitching is good enough to keep them in games until their offense blows them open. Houston needs a feel-good moment, and it ain’t gonna be the Texans. Punch that WS ticket now!

Okay, there’s tons of other sports on today. Penn State ain’t gonna lose to Northwestern, but I hope they do. There’s hockey too. And tomorrow I will be attending the Ofer Bowl between the Giants and Chargers at the most craptastic stadium in all of sports.

Come back tomorrow for CheesyBruin, who will be looking to right his NFL picks ship.

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