Dear Mr. Selig,


In a typical MLB season, games in early April can be chilly at best, bitter at worst.  With this year’s World Baseball Classic, which has been very entertaining, the season is starting a few days later than usual.  However, in a typical year, the Reds open the season around March 31st or April 1st.  This is just too early in the year to subject fans to the low temperatures in the North East and Midwest.  The schedule needs to be re-written for the first week of the season.  I suggest opening only in warm weather cities or in domes for the first eight days (six games) of the season.  Opening day in each city should be followed by an off day (at outdoor venues to allow for rainouts) then two games in two days.  With one series in the books, have another off day for travel and then a second series in the same city with a different visiting team.  Stagger the series so there are plenty of good match-ups every day to keep ESPN and your TV partners happy, since they rule the World.  Around April 10th the cold weather teams that opened on the road return home for their openers.  There’s no guarantee that the weather will be balmy, but at least you give yourself a better chance for warmer temperatures.  You also reduce the likelihood of injuries to players who just returned from the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues, by easing them back into the colder climates.  In addition, you show some goodwill to your fan base by reducing rain/snow/cold outs, as many fans must take a day off to attend day games.  The only fly in the ointment is in Cincinnati, where the season traditionally opens.  We’re not going to mess with that.  The Reds will open at home and then go on the road after three games.  No team will have to travel more than half way across the country, some East coast teams will get a dreaded West coast trip out of the way, and some spicy match-ups will wet the baseball appetite.  For example, the Phillies will open in L.A. against the Dodgers, a rematch of last year’s NLCS.  The White Sox will open in Minnesota in a rematch of their one game playoff.  The Yankees will travel to L.A. as well, trying to get off the schneid against an Angels team that’s had their number for years.  There are also plenty of inter-divisional games.  Here is the schedule.   Series #1 is on the left and Series #2 on the right.


NYY@LAA                                        BOS@LAA

BOS@TEX                                         CLE@TEX

BAL@TOR                                         CHI@TOR

CLE@TB                                            BAL@TB

CHI@MIN                                          KC@MIN

DET@OAK                                        NYY@OAK

KC@SEA                                           DET@SEA


PHI@LAD                                          NYM@LAD

NYM@SF                                           COL@SF

PIT@ATL                                           CHI@ATL

STL@SD                                             PHI@SD

CHI@HOU                                         WAS@HOU

COL@ARI                                          STL@ARI

WAS@FLA                                        CIN@FLA

MIL@CIN                                          PIT@MIL


Obviously, it’s too late for this year.  I just wanted to show you what might have been.  I know I’m naïve and I also know there is no way this will ever happen.  It just makes too much sense.




Rex O’Rourke

Baseball Enthusiast   

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