Welcome to the first installment of Grote’s Gripes. Faced with many of the same relief options as Jerry Manual had in 2008, the Matts made a bold last minute move and handed their bullpen catcher the ball. Much like Frank Costanza, I have a need for an airing of grievances – though not directed at any of the MTM family directly of course. This entry has a fashion theme:

Multiple Met Uniforms – Why can’t the Mets settle on two uniforms, one for home games and one for the road? I prefer the classic whites at home with subtle pinstripes accompanied by the blue cap with and orange NY on the front. What is so bad about that? If it was good enough for Seaver and Koosman then it should be good enough for any player who follows. The black uniforms are over a decade old and I still cringe every time I see them. I was at the “Turn Forward The Clock” game in the nineties where the Mercury Mets lost to the Pirates. The black uniforms with silver letters and numbers were horrendous but at least it was one and done. Now we have 15 different combos to deal with. Sometimes I feel like I’m on Pluto when I see what the Mets are wearing. Maybe this year they’ll play a game with all nine players wearing a different uniform. I’m sure Oliver Perez would prefer to wear the uniform that has gripe #2 on the front…

Los Mets – Que paso, Omar? Not only do the Mets have this as a uniform from time to time but they actually have a website Do we really need a Spanish website for the Mets? Is Citi Field going to become the Montreal Forum of baseball with bi-lingual announcements? Is there going to be a competing site for this one known as where two hispanic guys with afros will don 70’s style leisure suits of blue and orange (wide lapels and flair pants of course)?

Off Color Baseball Caps – I must admit I enjoyed the Pirates of the 70’s when they had various black and yellow striped hats but this fad of yellow Cubs hats and white on white Red Sox hats has got to go already. A pink Yankee hat? Save it for Yankee Joe.

Baggy 80’s Sweatshirts – When I was in college this look was all the rage with the fair sex. You couldn’t tell Heather Locklear’s body from lower c’s under those things. Now when I look at college kids and see what they are wearing I can’t help but think my youth was sabotaged by Champion apparel. I’m sure Time Warp Tony will agree with me on this.

Good luck to one and all on their tourney picks. I’m hoping for 24 out of 32 in the first round. Please feel free to add to the gripes as you see fit.

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