THE ROSE GARDEN: PORTLAND, OR – For those of you that don’t know, Lent is the 40? day period between Ash Wednesday (the day after Fat Tuesday/Mardis Gras) and Easter in which Christians pay homage to the 40? days Jesus spent in the desert. The question mark follows the number 40 because everybody seems to have a different idea about the beginning and end of Lent -some don’t include Sundays. For purposes here, we’ll include Sundays – After all, did Jesus drink or eat on Sundays in the desert? No. He didn’t – at least that’s what A-Rod and Shirley McLaine tell us. So, we’ll call it 44 days. For Catholics, specifically those of us on the *MTM Staff, this period is especially effective in that it preys (not prays) on the guilt that has been lobotomied into our skulls since birth, that which pre-empts any logic, data statistical theory and forces us to ‘purge’ ourselves with some type of sacrifice.

“Hey! What the bleep does any of this have to do the NY Knicks?!” you ask.

Good question. Very simply put, we gave up drinking for the aforementioned time period. Friday night is a normal drinking night. Since we’re not drinking, we stayed home and did stuff we normally wouldn’t do on a Friday – like watch the Knicks. Consequently, we came up with the following and quite shocking, mind you, opinion:

“Nate Robinson is the best thing – sportswise – in the Tri-State area. Period.” -The Matts March 2009

There. We said it. Quote us. Vilify us. Hang us out to dry. Go ahead, we don’t care! Because after watching this tiny-by-NBA-standards FON (Freak Of Nature) soar through the air, dribble through the hovering/swatting giants giving chase and buzz about the court with such speed that we checked to see if our 46″ LCD Flat Panel was functioning properly, we realized we’ve been missing The Nate Show (that’s our, folks). Forget Flight Of The Concords or Curb Your Enthusiasm The Nate Show is the best ticket in town, gang. And the rest of the Knicks aren’t that bad either. They have some fight. They hustle. They even have an Italian guy! There isn’t any public pouting. We didn’t see ONE thumb in a mouth. There was no post-game temper tantrum. And they won – get this – for the third straight time on the road!!! Unbelievable! They hadn’t pulled that off since 2003. So, forget C.C., A-Rod, Plax, the new Jet linebacker, Sean Avery and lower c and check out The Nate Show – Nate Robinson and the NY Knickerbockers – they are the late ’84 Mets or early ’95 Yankees. They are a-comin’ and you heard it here first, Mattville… By the way, why are NBA guys named Nate always short?

That’s all for today, Sir Rex O’Rourke tomorrow.

*The word ‘staff’ prompted a visual of Moses Matt leading some kind of flock into Mattville…

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