by Rex O’Rourke
DELMAR , NY – This week I’d like to update you on my, to date, futile attempt to secure an on air interview with Jim Rome on his weekday radio show. For those of you who missed it, Rome has interviewed a Rex every weekday since February 11th. He has stated publicly that the streak has introduced him to many sports figures he would not normally interview, or even know, and that it’s been a great ride. Well, as an avid listener I must say it’s been very entertaining radio. It started with Rex Chapman, Rex Ryan, and Rex Hudler (who sounds like a camp counselor on a double dose of Prozac). It’s at this point that Rome’s production team alerted him of the coincidence, and the streak idea was hatched. Some less than household names followed (UC Davis baseball coach Rex Peters, Sacramento Kings Assistant Coach Rex Kalamian, and former Detroit Lion Rex Tucker) and Rome, to his credit, strayed outside the sports world and landed Rex Lee of “Entourage”. The most entertaining of all the Rex’s so far has been University of Louisville Tennis Coach Rex Ecarma. He was a great interview, candid, funny and genuinely pumped to be on the air. As you know, I have emailed his show and received those “Thank you for contacting us” (but get lost) automatic emails. Many of you have shot him an email or two and I appreciate it. I emailed him last week’s “Stoopid Skool” article (on my personal Mount Rushmore, if I do say so) and am holding out hope that he’ll find his way on to our site.  So, without further ado:

Dear Rome:
Here is my personal invitation for a little chat. We can discuss any number of subjects. The steroid era ( I’m clean, I swear), Tiger’s return, Man Ram, The Yankees, Hockey fights, March Madness, why the MLS stinks, or any number of topics. I’ll even regale you with 25 years of Rugby hijinx on four Continents, playing baseball against “Spaceman” Bill Lee, Bill Madlock, and Jim Bouton, writing for MeetTheMatts.com, or any topic you choose. You see Rome, I’m everyman. My voice matters. I’m a middle aged, overweight jock. I play rugby, baseball, golf, hoop, pretty much anything with a ball and a bunch of sweaty guys. I play for the love of the game and at my own expense. I’ve broken bones, and blown out knees and I’ll NEVER stop playing. Without guys like me and the regulars on MeetTheMatts.com big time sports as we know it wouldn’t exist! We pay the salaries. We provide the TV and Radio audience that drive Ad revenues and make everyone rich.

Apollo Creed gave Rocky Balboa a shot. Let the “Everyman” be heard.
Regards, Rex O’Rourke

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