DELMAR, NY – by Rex O’Rourke

I believe the right field wall at Citifield needs to be rethought.

I believe that Midnight Oil should have been bigger.

I believe Plaxico Burress’s fate was sealed when his lawyer had his case adjourned.  The postponement was good for Plaxico the man, bad for Plaxico the Giant.

I believe the Matts go to WAY to many ballgames!

I believe people are snapping way too often with guns in this country.  We have 305 million citizens and 280 million guns.  If you want to bear arms, do us all a favor, and settle for a sleeveless tee shirt.

I believe I’ll have a beer.

I believe the Sports Illustrated cover jinx has been watered down by the use of regional covers (thank goodness since the Yankee’s hefty lefty is on the cover this week).  However I am delighted they picked the Mutts to go all the way, in their baseball preview.

I believe these TV shows are worthy of your time: That Metal Show, The Whitest Kids U Know, and Breaking Bad.

I believe people take much too long to work out.

I believe Antarctica is interesting.

I believe the Yankees’ defense is suspect and requires career years from Cano and Nady, defensively.

I believe the raised floor at Ford Field is ridiculous.

I believe that John Sterling is going to outlive me.  This means I will have to endure him for the rest of my life.  Today he forgot how many outs there were (after a strike ‘em out throw ‘em out double play, no less) and referred to the two Texiera home runs as a “Tex Message” and “On the Mark Texiera”.  Ugh!

I believe windvanes are an excellent idea.

I believe Rush should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I believe I’m going to lower my handicap.  

I believe my I-pod is toast.

I believe Kiss had more success than they deserved, although the Unplugged CD is very good.

I believe spotting a 12 years-old on a cell phone as they ride their bike is a sad statement about the youth of America.

I believe I know nothing about women, although I know a great deal about one.

I believe no one is going to miss Shea.

I believe I’ll win my NCAA bracket if Michigan State wins it all.  I’m very impressed with their hustle and they are very well coached.  It’s also a nice story and a shot in the arm for an area of the country that has gotten hammered lately.

I believe I need some good Malaysian food.

I believe Pearl Jam is just right.

I believe I need MSNBC, CNN, and FOX NEWS on my channel favorites in order to get a more well-rounded view of current events.

I believe my cats, Yogi and Scooter, are spoiled and I don’t care.

I believe the following people are geniuses:  Pete Townshend, Bill Mahar, Peter Gabriel, Jon Stewart, Joel and Ethan Coen, and of course, Charo.

I believe I’ll have a cookie and go to bed. 

Until next week,


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