by Maria Christoforidis

NEW YORK, NY – With the NBA Finals just around the corner, basketball fans (and viewer hungry networks) are expressing their hopes for a Lakers-Cavaliers matchup.

The Lakers are three games away from yet another possible NBA title after defeating the Nuggets 105-103 in Tuesday night’s Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. With Carmelo Anthony racking up 39 points, Chauncey Billups with 19, and Kenyon Martin with 15, Denver was still unable to maintain a consistent lead over Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

The Lakers made 20-24 free throws while the Nuggets made a measly 23-35. These shots are crucial for the Nuggets if they want to have any chance in defeating the Lakers, especially in close games where the outcomes are determined by only a couple of points. Denver will put up a good fight but Lakers will most likely win this series.

The Eastern Conference Finals will be an exciting series to watch with two talented young stars, LeBron James and Dwight “Superman” Howard, each fighting for a chance at their first NBA title. Many predict the Cavs will take it in Game 6 because c’mon, let’s face it; they have the best player in the league. As for the NBA finals, I would love to see Cleveland defeat the Lakers and LeBron win the Bill Russell Finals MVP to place right next to his NBA MVP award; the guy definitely deserves it for his incredible performance throughout this whole season.

If the Lakers and the Cavs meet in the finals, fans will finally get an answer to a long-debated question:

Who’s better, LeBron or Kobe?

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