By Rex O’Rourke

NEW YORK, NY – A hangover is an amazing experience. Nothing is more painful, yet joyous… Meaningless, yet profound. A good hangover is a work of art and, unfortunately, not everyone gets art. First of all, the seeds of a good hangover are sown in friendship, not in adult beverages. Both are needed; but only friendship can cause mind-splitting, brain-busting, cerebral discomfort. Endless bar banter, arguments, and debates result in that “just one more” mentality that really kills brain cells. This usually happens with people you know, and know well, because lets face it: no one wants to get loaded with a stranger.

Only when one is drinking with friends do questions like the following become a life or death conundrum:

“Who played third base for the ’87 Twins?”

Only then is world hunger solved, war ended, and plague cured.

Have you ever eavesdropped on someone else’s bar conversation at two in the morning? That’s how you sound, and it ain’t pretty my friend. But that’s okay because it’s all part of the curing process for a good hangover.

In addition, all hangovers are like snowflakes; no two are the same. Some are fuzzy like a peach, others like a trip to the dentist, and still others resemble a sort of conquest over sobriety You just have to remember one thing about a hangover. It lets you know you’re alive!

By the way, Gary Gaetti played third base for the ’87 Twins – and it’s last licks for the trivia game, which is the perfect mindlessness for a hangover. You have until Tuesday.

Until Next Week,


As of 3PM yesterday, here are the updated INTERLEAGUE TRIVIA GAME SCORES:

Time Warp Tony: 41-47
vinny fom brooklyn: 39-42 (not current)
Wisconsin Walt: 22 ½ – 24 (not current)
Miss Sophia: 14-14 (not current)
Yankees Suck: 14-14 (not current
bosoxbruins04: 13-14 (not current)
Philly Phanatic: 13-14 (Disputed, not current)
temple: 13-14 (Disputed, not current)
Yankee Joe: 13-14 (not current)
buffalobilly84: 12 1/2- 14 (not current)
SchenectadyMets: 10 ½ -13 (not current)
Sam’s-A-Fan: 12-14 (not current)
preacher: 6 1/2 – 10 (not current)
jshanley1: 6-7 (not current)
Maria At Bat: 6-7 (not current)
Shaaban Allen aka chokonfish: 6-7 (not current)
Finns: 5-7 (not current)
Linda: 5-7 (not current)
acegrocki: 5-5 (not current)
Worontzoff: 3 1/2 -4 (not current)
hungryshasky: 3 1/2 (not current)
jgclancy: 3-5 (not current and has NO SOUND on computer)
Joel “Fella” Feliciano: 2-2 (not current)
Joe “Face” DeSapio: 3-4 (not current)
Frosty: 0-1 (not current)

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