We asked our Minnie Minoso to grab a bat and pinch-hit for us today and, being the team player he is, he agreed. Bonus: He’s talkin’ Mets…

by Grote2DMax
NEWPORT, R.I. -The All-Star break has come and gone and the Mets are just as bad as before the break. Let’s face it people, this is just a bad team right now. I fear the rest of this summer is going to be filled with repeats of The Blunder Years. Is this team any different than watching the 1993 Mets or the 1979 Mets? I fear not. That got me thinking about the worst of the worst; the Met players that turned my stomach. These are not necessarily the worst players to have played for the Mets, but players I found impossible to root for or watch for one reason or another. Here is my list, by position:

    1B: Mo Vaughn – We spent $17 million per year on this bloated corpse just in time for the steroids to wear off.
    2B: Juan Samuel – The deal that sent Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell down the turnpike gave us this perennial underachiever. On the upside he was a much better financial advisor than Dykstra turned out to be.
    SS: Kaz Matsui – Number one superguy, number two in terms of playing ability. Mets started selling scorecards with E6 inserted in them.
    3B: Jim Fregosi– It really wasn’t his fault that the Mets traded Nolan Ryan for him but in his 1 1/2 years with the Mets hit .233 with 5 HR’s and 44 RBI’s.
    LF: Bobby Bonilla – I’m not sure who I loathe more, Bobby Bo or Osama Bin Laden.
    CF: Vince Coleman – Gary Coleman would’ve been a better free agent signing.
    RF: Derek Bell – I once heckled him from the right field stands so mercilessly that he stared me down between pitches. The best thing that happened to the Mets 2000 playoff run was Bell getting injured in the first game against the Giants.
    C: Mackey Sasser – The guy couldn’t even throw the ball back to the pitcher. I thought with a name like Mackey he’d have to be good.
    SP: Mickey Lolich – The symbol of the M. Donald Grant era when the Mets traded away higher priced talent for bargain bin aging veterans and unknown neophytes. Legend has it he ate a twinkie between innings of every Met start.
    CL: Mel Rojas – Never threw three consecutive pitches that reached the catcher’s mitt in entire Mets career.

I know Saturdays are a low traffic day so if anyone has any nominees for the list please feel free to submit them. Also, look for Rex O’Rourke tomorrow.

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