By Rex O’Rourke

Canton, Ohio

  • A is for Atlanta. You won’t be sneaking up on anybody this year. Enjoy those road games at Dallas, The Giants, and New England.
  • B is for ball hawk. Has there ever been a better one than Ed Reed?
  • C is for Chargers. I’m tired of hearing about all the talent. They play in the softest division in football and still finished 8-8 last year. Norv Turner (along with Wade Phillips) is a good coordinator but not head coach material. Also, LT is done!
  • D is for Defense. It still wins championships, folks. Any team without a deep rotation on the D-Line, and agile, versatile linebackers will be watching the playoffs on TV with the rest of us.
  • E is for every year The Redskins bring in more free agents that won’t make them much better.
  • F is for fads. The love affair with the wildcat will peak and then fade after Brett Favre breaks his hip throwing a cheap block.
  • G is for Green BayMinnesota at Lambeau. Who WONT be watching!?
  • H is for Houston. The Texans are young talented and hungry. This is the year they put it all together.
  • I is for I made a big mistake by going to Kansas City. I hope Matt Cassel has good health insurance. He’s gonna need it!
  • J is for Jack del Rio. He’ll be getting a pink slip by week 9.
  • K is for kickers. It’s not as easy as it looks folks. Give ‘em a break. They’ll miss one now and then.
  • L is for Lions. They get off the schneid, week three, at home against the Redskins.
  • M is for massive ego. Wouldn’t it be great to see Jerry Jones suffer through a 6-10 is his new shrine to himself.
  • N is for NFC North. This is the division to watch.
  • O is for overtime. After 15 minutes, it can end in a tie. Got that Donovan?
  • P is for Picasso. The Picasso of punting is Jeff Feagles. A joy to watch.
  • Q is for quick start. Teams like Baltimore, Minnesota, and New Orleans have a relatively forgiving first three weeks and should start 3-0.
  • R is for running game and The Giants have the best in the business.
  • S is for San Francisco. I’d like to see them return to relevance under Mike Singletary, who’s wrapped just a little too tightly, but sure is a great interview. How long before they use him in one of those Coors Light spots?
  • T is for Tony Romo. Is it me, or is he, at best, slightly above average?
  • U is for underachieve. The Saints, Panthers, Bills, and Bengals will all do just that this year.
  • V is for violence. More new rules have been added to protect the health of players. These guys are so big and so fast and the game is so violent that… ah who am I kidding? That’s why we love it! Snot bubbles RULE!
  • W is for whatever happened to outdoor football? A little mud, rain, snow? The game is just too sanitary looking.
  • X is for X’s and O’s and Bill Belichick is still the best in the business.
  • Y is for you better be good right away, Jay Cutler!
  • Z is for zebras. Let’s hope the refs can go to the replay booth and get the call right in less than ten minutes. The TV coverage gives us at home the answer in 30 seconds. Why can’t we speed this process up?
  • Until Next Week,

    This just in. Rex’s Lead Pipe Lock of the Week. The Titans (+4.5) over the STEELERS in a nail biter.

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