By Rex O’Rourke

Rapid City, SD

THE FIRST THING that drives me nuts is all the talk about restructuring the MLB playoff system. The inevitable has happened. All six division races have essentially been wrapped up and now the knee-jerk reactions begin. Add another wild card. Make every round best of seven. Put a keg behind second. The playoff system is fine. The only tweak I’d give it is to penalize the wild card winners by giving them only one home game (game three) in the first round.

THE SECOND THING that drives me nuts is useless football stats. Passer ratings, third down efficiency, and passing yards allowed are three of the most egregious. I think Ron Jaworski himself, who spends his life watching film, would have trouble explaining the passer rating. Third down efficiency? OK, is that third and eight from your own 15 yard line against The Ravens, or third and six inches at home versus The Browns. So your squad gave up three bills through the air last week. Big deal; a C-note occurred while you were in the prevent with a two touchdown lead. As my brother used to say, “Stats are for losers”.

THE THIRD THING that’s driving me nuts are all these cry babies whining about bean balls and brawls. Look folks, the game has been sissified enough by the DH. If your guy plunked my guy because my guy plunked your guy then so be it. The umps are calling warnings way to early and taking bullets out of the gun of the team that just got drilled. Now no one wants to see another Tony Conigliaro, but pitching inside is part of the game, and always will be, so take your skirt off and get in the box; and feel free to charge the mound.

At 5-1 against the spread this year, I’m feeling saucy, Bearnaise. This week’s mortal locks are The SAINTS (-6) over The Bills, The CHARGERS (-6) over The Dolphins, and the hapless LIONS (+6.5) over The Redskins. The Lions will get their first win and Jim Zorn will inch closer to a pink slip.

Until next week,

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