SELMA, AL“Get me to the plate boys” may not rank up there with “I’ve been to the mountaintop” but when Ryan Howard walked into the dugout in the top of the 9th with his team trailing 4-2 last night, with those six words, he inspired his team to give him just one more shot in that stadium that sits on a mountaintop. Ryan and the rest of the Phitin Phils have been to the mountaintop and as much as you people don’t like to hear it, the Phillies have seen The Promised Land. Sorry jgclancy, you’ll have to wait another couple weeks but as of this morning, the Phils are still the World F’n Champions.

In case you missed it, Ryan delivered.

And Yes, they have a pretty good shot at becoming the first National League team since the Big Red Machine to repeat. Will they do it, certainly we think so, but despite being one of only four teams still standing, the odds are still against them. Like last year when they were underdogs in all three rounds of post season play, the Phils will be big underdogs in the NLCS as well as the World Series.

Phinal Phour Preview from a Philview:

First stop, Los Angeles. With the Dodgers having two former Phils back of the rotation starters fronting their rotation, the Phils will dispatch the Dodgers faster than Matt Holliday can say “I got it.” As much as baseball and Fox Sports want Torre’s Dodgers in Yankee Stadium, it’s not happening.

Who will be waiting to knock the Phils off the top of the mountain? No need to keep the rooms out in L.A., pholks. A Phillies-Angels series does nothing for baseball and especially nothing for this website.

The prediction here is the Met fan’s worst nightmare. Yankees and Phillies for the 2009 World Bleepin Championship. If you don’t believe it, I guess you’ve never been to the Top of the Mountain.

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